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The Last Weekly Report for 2011

Hi Everyone

Well what a great AGM! There must have been 60+ members attending and it was great to see identities such as Sean O’Neill and others again. President Anna disproved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by shooting through the published reports faster than the speed of light and before one knew it, we had passed the proposal that the Clinic donate $5000 to support trail building and maintenance activities undertaken by the Wellington City Council.

The awards were ably organised by Vice President Jillian and they are posted on the website. Of particular note are:

Harry McDonald Award for Service to the Clinic Helen Anderson

Life Membership awarded to Tony Oakshatt

Turkey Trot (within 5 seconds of estimate) Amber the Rambler and Katrina O’Neill

Award for 50 Marathons and 100 half Marathons Gordon Clarke

There is a collation of photos in the Alternate Gallery – move the cursor over the photo for the captions (or keep it rested on the caption).

Don’t forget that we also won the Great WMC Limerick Run Off with limerick#1 “Gordie” -Stan

Come again?
Read this for the 6 1/2 minute pack report – ‘And it seemed that there was never a Sunday that we did not go down a particular path or track that we had not covered before’


Every time I read it my brain starts to ache. Does this mean that they never covered the parts of the same route twice, or that they always did?

I asked Brian Hayes what he meant but he replied that I should concentrate on writing Limericks.


With the exception of Kathy Clarke having to relinquish the role of Treasurer due to work commitments, the committee is the same as before. Sue Hamlett returns as treasurer. So the executive is

President Anna Tyler

Vice President Jillian Preston

Secretary Toni Finkle

Treasurer Sue Hamlett

Committee Rachelle Manning, Betty Meyers, Tony Oakshatt, Bill Buxton

Webmaster Stan Wing

Weekly Report Me

Notice that apart from Rach, committee members have – how shall we put this nicely – lots of experience. More youthful members are required. So if you are thinking of volunteering for the committee, don’t. Don’t just think about it, contact Anna or Jillian and tell them you are prepared to join.

Summer Break

Last Sunday of the last official meeting for the year. However, the room at the Aquatic Centre is booked right through except for Sunday 25 (Christmas Day). Most members will be meeting informally next Sunday (18th) at the usual time and going out on runs and walks and also on Jan 8, 15, and 22. There will be no security so valuables need to be either left in cars or secured in the lockers in the changing rooms. Bring your own lock.

We start again on Sunday Jan 29

Stan is disassembling the website and a new one with a different content management system will be set up next year. So make the most of accessing the photos and articles before Christmas.

Oriental Bay Promotion

As in past years, we will be setting up a drink stop around Oriental Parade at lunch times on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25. We offer runners and walkers on their lunchtime exercise a cooled drink which they accept with alacrity.

While doing so we hand them one of our cards and invite them to our Open Day on Sunday. See the photo gallery. It’s a lot of fun but we do need volunteers. Especially younger members – at least younger than Betty, Bill Buxton, and myself.

It also helps if you have a great set of pins (Jillian) and look as if you can run. Let me know through Contact WMC. Even the odd half hour would help.

So – that is just about it for 2011. Many thanks to all those who have told me how much they enjoy these weekly reports and how it keeps them in touch with the Clinic. Keep up those runs and walks to try and keep the avoirdupois within reasonable limits over the festive season and we shall be in contact next year.



To try out on your grandchildren or children.

Knock knock – Who’se there? Mary. Mary who? Mary Christmas!

Knock knock -Who’se there? Donut. Donut who? Donut open before Christmas.

What do angry mice send each other at Christmas? Cross Mouse Cards.

What did Adam say the day before Christmas? It’s Christmas, Eve.

Here’s another one

Why does a were wolf on a beach remind me of Christmas? Because he’s got sandy claws. (ohh well.. it’s all in the delivery) -Stan

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