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Weekly Report for 11 Dec

Hi Everyone

We have a request from ‘Suzee’ that arrived in the ‘Contact WMC’ file. Any email to this address automatically goes to me, webmaster Stan, and VP Jillian. Only courage can make one believe or have faith in another because is nice to be important, but more important to be nice,I saw your post at beeld blog and I wish to know more about you. I want to read from you soon. Send me your nice picture also. Regards Suzee.

Since my photo is already on the Weekly Report, I suggested to Stan that it was his photo that Suzee wanted. He replied that this was unlikely and since it emanated from California, it was obviously for me . (I can’t actually follow his reasoning here).

(Well isn’t it obvious Rob? She was after a julian date 🙂 -Stan )

But I replied that, insofar as Suzee has not mentioned any specific gender, perhaps it was Jillian’s photo we should send. I shan’t mention Jillian’s reply. It was not one that a lady would make.

(Perhaps I was mistaken… it could have been a Jillian date -Stan)

(Very good – mind you, had it not been for the Russians not swapping to the Gregorian Calendar but remaining on the Julian calendar, Napoleon would never have won the Battle of Austerlich and we might all be speaking in French – Rob)

Should anyone wish to comply with Suzee’s request and send her/him their photo, we can forward her/his email address.

Rimutaka Incline

You will be aware of the proposal to re activate the railway on the Incline. Which will have major implications for walkers and cyclists. Here is a message from President Anna.

A number have asked about the Rimutaka Incline proposal. Information is available here:
Members are welcome to make own submission on that website, but the committee will look at a submssion in January.

Turkey Trot and AGM this Sunday Turkey Trot and AGM this Sunday

Have I got your attention? this is the last formal meeting of the Wellington Marathon Clinic for 2011

Vice President Jillian describes the Turkey Trot

This Sunday, 11th December is the clubs AGM. Prior to this we have our traditional Turkey Trot.
For those of you that are new to this, it involves a run/walk of approx 5 – 6kms. The course will be revealed on Sunday morning, at which stage you decide how long it will take you (mins and secs) and record this on a page provided.
Around 8.10 – 8.15 I’ll go over the route, and we’ll get started soon after that. Prior to starting, you leave your watches / phones / or any other timing device in your bags. The person who gets closest to their estimated time, wins – you guessed it – a turkey.
I might point out, that this is usually achieved more by good luck than by good management….
To give you a ‘heads up’, this years course includes: roads – so there are road crossings, where you need to give way to any traffic; offroad – so you need to negotiate the odd tree root; and hills and steps – both up and down. The route will be marked (particularly the offroad parts – so long as some wag hasn’t been along between me and you and removed the markers…), and there will be maps with instructions available.
See you Sunday
Following the Turkey Trot, at 10.30 we will have the
Awards Presentation and the AGM
President Anna has posted the Agenda for the AGM and the Proposal of Motion on the website (click on Homepage). As asked last week, who is going to get an award or plaque? Who is going to get the award foir the best limerick? Perhaps it might be you. And you will not be strong-armed into joining the committee so make sure you are there. It is also a good chance to meet past members of the Clinic who come along to keep in touch.(Jean, Roger, Ross and all the others – make sure you come along). And following this there will be platters of food including strawberries and cream, sparkling wine, and fruit juice.
The Problem with Chimps
I read a worrying article last week that stated that Chimps, who knuckle walk, can run at three times the speed of a human. What is worse, it would appear from information on the Internet that a human would come off second best in a fight with a chimp. The good news is that chimps do not have the endurance. So this is where Marathon Clinic participation proves its worth. If you are pursued by an enraged chimp, or even a pack of the buggers, either pull out a gun and blast them or better still (animal rights advocates may object to you shooting chimps) outdistance them. With a head start you should be able to leave them behind. Make sure you mention this to any prospective members. The incoming committee will no doubt be addressing the problem of packs being confronted by roaming groups of chimps looking for trouble on a Sunday morning.
Have you filled in the Christmas wish list poll on the website?
See you at the AGM.
In a moment of weakness, or general insanity,I agreed to be Santa Bear for the SPCA on Saturday at the Frank Kitts Market from 1.30 – 3.00. If any of the female members of the Clinic wish to come along for a photo of them sitting on my knee and informing me of how naughty they have been throughout the year, please feel welcome.
And did any Clinic members participate in the Santa run from Frank Kitts Park yesterday?


Probably too late for this week’s newsletter, but three members of the Marathon Clinic, myself, Andy Sommerville and Andrew Aitken(?) successfully completed the Kepler Challenge last Saturday 3rd December. 60Km ultramarathon run in ideal conditions, 400+ runners and great southern hospitality.

Jim McMahon

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