Bus trip – Mt Lowry

Sunday 20th March 2016, Mt Lowry track(s) – meeting point at finish: Days Bay

8.00am ASB Sports Centre – we will be leaving as close to this time as possible – we are usually pretty much on time, so please, don’t be late.

8.10am Courtenay Place, outside X Base – make yourself visible as we will only stop if we see you there

8.15am Railway Station, Platform 9

8.20am Bottom of Ngauranga Gorge – there’s a parking area next to the bus stop.

8.30am Petone Esplanade (the bus will come off the Petone overbridge, around the round about, and just past the spiral steps to the old pedestrian overbridge will pull in to let those that want a road run/walk off and pick others up – make yourselves visible, as if no-one wants to get off here, we’ll only stop if needed.

We then head to the top of Wainuiomata hill, and expect to be there about 8.45am. You can start your offroad runs/walks from here and either drop down to Days Bay or Eastbourne – there are plenty of turn offs to choose from.

These runs/walks are over tracks that some of you may not have been on before, therefore, please make sure you are with at least one other person, and if your groups start to get stretched out, then split the group into smaller numbers so that no-one is left on their own, and each sub-group has someone with a phone they can use to contact the driver (Keith – we’ll get his number on the day), Jillian (027 6027991) or Tony (027 4432221).

Carry your own water, and safety gear – such as polyprop top; woollen hat; gloves; parka – just in case something happens and you need to be self-sufficient until help can get to you, or the weather conditions deteriorate. Regardless of weather on the day, we should not need to change this route, as once you are in the bush, it doesn’t really matter whether it is a Southerly/Northerly raining or snowing, you are quite protected – BUT if it is raining/snowing/ or a gale, then it will be cold, so be prepared.  With the weather we’ve been having lately this shouldn’t be a problem but we like to remind you to be prepared.

The bus will be based at DAYS BAY – be there by 11.30am – earlier if you want a coffee/brunch before we head back. There are 3 coffee places that I know of in Days Bay: The Cocolate Dayz; Cobar; and The Pavillion in Williams Park, and several in Eastbourne if the faster groups want to stop there before coming around to the bus. If the bus is not there, it may be doing a pick up, so either wait, or ring the driver to find out how long he’s likely to be.

NB: The club pays for the bus, but you pay for your coffee(s)/morning tea/brunch – if you have time – so bring some $’s.

We aim for the bus to depart for the return journey at 11.30, and I estimate it will be about 12 to 12.30 before we get back to the ASB Centre. If you have time restraints, you may want to consider doing your run/walk from the ASB Centre as per normal (we will have access to our normal meeting room), OR alternatively, make arrangements for someone to join you for brunch and pick you up.



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