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Selecting Running Shoes That Fit

From Alan Brian:

There is a link that I have found particularly helpful when buying running shoes on the internet.  If you go to http://www.runningwarehouse.com/ select the brand and type of shoe that you want to buy.  Once you select that shoe you are presented with an option on the right side of the page that reads “Show me how it fits!”.  Selecting this allows the user to enter the details (make and model – e.g. Asics 2170) of the shoe they are currently wearing and provides guidance as to the best size of the shoe they are interested in.  This takes a whole lot of guess work out of the situation.

I have done this recently when moving from Asics to Saucony (I’ve now several pairs of brightly coloured shoes:-) and the fit was exact.  A number of others that I work with have also used this converter and none have had any problems.

It is something that could be of interest to Clinic members.

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