Welington Marathon Clinic
Weekly Report for Sun Jan 29

Hi Everyone

I trust that everyone is nice an relaxed, having had over a week of summer while you are back at work. I was not at the Clinic last Sunday but Betty assures me that there were lots of people turning up in the hydrotherapy room.

Official Start of the Year for 2012
This Sunday will be the first official meeting of the Wellington Marathon Clinic for the year which will be in the Main Meeting room. Usually we get a goodly number of people along for the first time, actualising their New Year Resolution to ‘get fit and start running’. So spread the word among relllies, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

President Anna will welcome everyone and there will be a short address by Craig on how the $5000 we donated to walking and running track construction in the Wellington area. Then pack leaders will introduce themselves with a description of where they will go and for how long. Depending on the numbers of guests, there may be a short delay getting them introduced to the appropriate pack and pack leader and we will then be away. Incidently, has the 6 1/2 min/k pack sorted out a pack leader to replace Brian? It might call for a quick consultation before the start.(Update – Vice President Jillian says she, Robyn Welsh and Sue Powell will take the group out until such time as they get sorted).

Notice that theree is no mention of calling it the OPENING DAY. This is because on Sunday Feb. 12 we will be RELOCATING to ASB Sports centre down the road on Cobham Drive. We will be making a big fuss about the move and promoting it as OPEN DAY in advertising and in the DrinkStop Promotion around Oriental Bay at lunchtime on Tuesday/Wednesday 7/8 February. If you haven’t read President Anna’s rationale on the reasons for the move, and refer to last week’s report using the “previous” button at the top of this article.

Exciting times. Exciting times indeed!

Waitangi Day
The Clinic has been invited to send representatives to whoop it up with the Governor General at Government House on Monday Feb. 6. Anna will be going as President, Tony C in recognition of 31 years as pack leader, and Gordie for having run 50 marathons. So next time you meet them, be prepared to bow and scape and tug your forelock. I presume partners go along as well. I can’t see Jillian for one letting Tony loose unsupervised in Government House and Wendy needs to be there to stop Gordie button-holing the Guv to tell him one of his dubious jokes.

Pahiatua Half Marathon
Those interested go to www.sportsground.org.nz/bushharriers.

Committee Meeting
Since the first Monday February will be Waitangi Day, the next committee meeting will be Wednesday Feb 1, Central Library 6.00 – 7.30. Items for the agenda to Toni Finkle.

It is going to be a beautiful day on Sunday. See you at Kilbirnie.



Post Script. This afternoon I found that agonising wrench to my calf when trying to push off on a boogie board at the beach last week resulted in 2/3 of my achilles detaching. So I am now on crutches with my leg in plaster. It is problematical that I can’t drive. So I may not see you on Sunday.

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