May 19 2013

Hi Everyone

Apparently next week there is going to be a promotion by a government Health Organisation (HQSC – and no, I have no idea what the acronym stands for) on Age and Injury. At a Toastmasters meeting the CEO gave a speech on the issue. Apparently as we get older, we lose our sense of balance and fall over with increasing frequency. Like when changing a light bulb. And the resulting injury, due to increasing fragility of bones can end up with weeks or months in hospital followed by residential care.

Cheerful Eh? So this is what we have to look forward to. Some sooner than others.

BUT – here is the cheerful part. The biggest single factor ameliorating this issue is exercise and fitness (which also helps keep you mentally alert). so Go the Clinic! Get all your older friends and rellies to come along. (The oither one is to remove ‘clutter’ from your house. things you can fall over.)

Time Trials

Vice President Jillian is organising the 10k, 15k, 21.2k and 3/4 Marathon Time Trials for Sunday after next (May 26). More details next week, but basically we all sign in the distance we intend running or walking, assemble at the Wind Wand, and when she says ‘GO! we, well, go. Like along Cobham Drive, around to Shelley Bay and onwards. We turn around at the designated points (there are people there to tell you) and when you get back. Betty records the time. Simple eh?  Usually there are members of Scottish, Wellington, and Olympic Harriers joining in. I am not sure if they have been formally invited, but they find out by word of mouth.

But Jillian needs volunteers to staff the drink stations, to call out the time at designated sites, and to tell people when to turn around. So let her know, either in person on Sunday, or through Contact WMC.

Jillian also suggests another reminder about the change of venue on 2 June to Karori which will be the Sunday following the Time Trials. There will be more information about where to go and how to get there, The main thing is to write in you diary or iphone that we shan’t be meeting in the ASB Centre.

She also suggests Stan may wish to put in a link to the Runners Corrective Session. I tried doing it but was directed three of last year’s Weekly Reports. Stan may wish to do so. Otherwise, go to the HomePage.

I think Jillian might be referring to the Run For Your Life Session on Sun 09 June – Stan


And – a reminder that if you have run your first ever marathon or half marathon, to fill in a form from the pile she has on Betty’s desk. You get a handsome plaque at the end of the year.

It is shaping up to be a great day for running and walking next Sunday.

See you there.



Ah – Larraine tells me the acronym stands for Health Quality and Safety Commisssion.

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