2014 April

Meeting held on 7 April 2014

Anna Tyler (Chair), Sally Anderson, Meg Lockhart, Mary Lynch, David McCrone, Jillian Preston.


  • Sally gave an update on planning for the 2014 Event. A budget will be discussed at the next meeting of the Event Committee. WMC members to receive a $5 discount on entry fees.
  • 102 members had paid their 2014 membership subscriptions as at 4 April. There are 13 life members.
  • Balance in accounts: $181,179.

Actions taken/tasks carried out

  • Draft paper produced by the WMC Business Planning Group in 2013 sent by Sue Ruston to Anna on 2 April. The paper is entitled WMC business planning: Recommending a vision, objectives and next steps in the planning process.

Decisions taken/agreed action

  • Committee to review the draft business plan and provide comments at the next committee meeting. It is then proposed to post the paper on the website, call for submissions from members, and seek adoption of a final draft at an SGM.
  • Committee members to review current WMC constitution and provide comments to David on rules that need to be clarified or amended. David to draft a revision of the constitution, for consideration at the next committee meeting.
  • Jillian to advise members re meeting arrangements for Easter Sunday, when the ASB Sports Centre is unavailable.
  • Invoices to be sent to members who have not paid their 2014 membership subscriptions.
  • Sally to review 002 account and arrange short-term transfer of surplus funds to interest-earning On Call account.
  • Email addresses of new members to be supplied to Stan Wing.

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