Bus Trip – Karori to Mt KauKau/Khandallah

Bus info for away run/walk Karori to Mt KauKau, Sunday 9th November 2014, meeting point at finish: Khandallah Pub – I’m referring to this as the “Andrew McNeill memorial run/walk”, as he was always the ‘go to’ man to organise the Khandallah end of this trip, and even when he was recovering from a running injury, he’d mountain bike up to meet us on the track with wine gums and encouragement and then join us for brunch – of course!  So will be a bit sad that he won’t be there this time, but I’m sure a few of you will raise a glass (or cup) to give him a toast.  On with the details:

8.00am ASB Sports Centre – we will be leaving as close to this time as possible, so please, don’t be late.

8.10am Courtenay Place, outside X Base – make yourself visible as we will only stop if we see you there.

8.15am Railway Station, Platform 9.

We only have an 18 seater bus for this trip (due to an unexpected cruise ship), so if it is fairly full at the ASB, Tony may ask a couple of you to follow in your cars to help with the other pick ups.  Otherwise, the first drop off is usually Marsden Village, and in the past quite a few of you have met us there.  Then there is the top of Makara Hill (why run/walk up there when we have a bus…???).   The walkers usually get taken back to Crofton Downs, but you can let Graeme know where you’d like to be dropped off if this is different.

You can run/walk along the Skyline track or around the roads to finish at Khandallah.  We meet at the Khandallah pub (The Khandallah Trading Company), so don’t forget your money for brunch/coffee or a beer.  Tony has called in to see them and they will put together a WMC brunch menu as they normally do, and we can annoy the Tar Babies (cycling group) by grabbing the seats before they get there!

The Skyline track is quite exposed, so, carry your own water, and safety gear – such as polyprop top; woollen hat; gloves; parka – just in case something happens and you need to be self-sufficient until help can get to you, or the weather conditions deteriorate.

Also, please make sure you are with at least one other person, and if your groups start to get stretched out, then split the group into smaller numbers so that no-one is left on their own, and each sub-group has someone with a phone they can use to contact the driver (Graeme 027 2701683) or Tony (027 4432221).

The bus will be based at Khandallah, outside the pub.

We aim for the bus to depart for the return journey at 11.30am, so with drop-offs it will be noon-12.30pm before we arrive back at the ASB Centre.  HOWEVER, we don’t leave people behind, so if for some reason there are groups who take longer than anticipated (for whatever reason) or they are waiting for their coffee(s) to arrive, then we will be leaving later.  (This may not be such an issue with the smaller bus, as we can run a ‘shuttle service’ to drop you back at your cars if they are in Crofton/Marsden or South Karori – just listen for Tony’s ‘dulcet’ tones when he’s trying to organise a trip…).  If you do have time constraints, then you may want to consider doing your run/walk from the ASB Centre as per normal, or driving to the Khandallah pub and going in the reverse direction to meet your groups (and therefore having your vehicle on hand when you finish) or, alternatively, make arrangements for someone to join you for brunch and pick you up.  Any doggies can be shuttled back to cars if needed – or you do what Katrina’s done and volunteer someone to go and pick up the vehicle while she stays at the pub and has another beer!  Clever girl!

Those who do not want to go on the bus can meet at the ASB Sports Centre as normal and go for their usual walk or run.  I will give the morning tea cupboard key to Tony, so get that off him to unlock the cupboard and either give the key back to him before the bus leaves, or give to Katie the following week (or Tony if he’s there).  Katie won’t be there this week, so ask the ASB reception to lock the doors when you go out, and first one back can get them unlocked, and the last one(s) to leave for the day will need to put the morning tea supplies back in the cupboard and close the lock.

I won’t be there, unfortunately, as I particularly enjoy this bus trip, but I’ll be raising a glass to Andrew and thinking of the rest of you, while I’m (hopefully) enjoying some warm weather in Halls Gap on Sunday.

Have fun


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