2014 Clarrie Gibbons Results

The Clarrie Gibbons Post Office Sq to Eastbourne Rugby Club rooms was run last night, Wednesday 12th March

– what a great evening for it, although it got a bit cool at the finish as the sun set. There were 31 participants that left from town

– with all bar one arriving at the finish

– Jas tells me that one of the ladies did say she was only going as far as Petone, which we hope was the case and that Gayle Price Moor enjoyed the run through to there (unfortunately I don’t know your time, so if you are reading this, please let us know and we can add it in). 3 ladies went from Petone.

I’ve listed the results below (if you strongly dispute my times, please let me know, as I had to do calculations based on several different start times that Jas very diligently recorded so I may have inadvertently used the wrong figure

– he had 7 different start times, so you were all very spoilt

– I probably would have told you to wait till the next ‘official’ start time!

Also I only have first names for some of you, but I’m sure you know who you are…).
Tony would like to thank the helpers: Jas at the start and getting your bags to the finish; Owen & himself at Petone

– I believe the water they had there went down very well; Katrina (calling the times), Kelly (camera in hand), James (handing out your drink vouchers) & Jillian (recording times) at the finish

– we think you runners would have had a more ‘enjoyable’ time along the Hutt Rd/motorway than we did, as the traffic was appalling, and we were stopped more often than not, with Stef, Meg and Heather continuously passing us… We think there were only a couple of you that took a slightly different route to the finish, but at least you made it.

Grant McLean came in the winner (a slower time than usual, but he is apparently carrying an injury that slowed him down by about 10 mins….), Brendon Quirke was only about 30 secs slower – it might have been interesting to see the results if the two of them had started at the same time. Amy Stratton was the first woman in, with Anna less than 2 mins behind. Liz Morrison was the first one in from the Petone start.

Place Name Times
1 Grant McLean 1.37.56
2 Brendon Quirke 1.38.27
3 Bill Trumpeter 1.50.04
4 Brian Hayes 1.53.29
5 Amy Stratton 1.56.41
6 Anna Tyler 1.58.32
7 Jamie Davidson 2.00.46
8 Mike Candy 2.01.54
9 Kat Royle 2.02.40
10 Jess Campion 2.03.33
11 Alan Brian 2.04.38
12 Rudi Mack 2.11.27
13 Hayley Jones 2.11.30
14 David Green 2.13.27
15 Rachelle Manning 2.13.27
16 Meg Lockhart 2.15.16
17 Stef Vluggen 2.15.28
18 Andrew Smith 2.15.47
19 Vijay Sukhalal 2.18.25
20 John Gardiner 2.18.34
21 Heather Steevens 2.25.21
22 Angie 2.25.25
23 Ben Collins 2.27.12
24 Pam Bunny 2.29.38
25 Mo Bhikha 2.32.39
26 Grant Smith 2.32.39
27 Gita Bhikha 2.47.37
28 Ann Stewart 2.52.54
29 Gayle 2.56.33
30 Zoe 2.56.33
Petone start:
1 Liz Morrison 1.28.45
2 Carole Douce 1.29.00
3 Judith Bagley 1.33.29
You all seemed to enjoy the bar, the samosas and the socialising afterwards and we had a lovely ‘Wellington tour’ on the bus dropping people off.
Congratulations to you all for completing the distance and we hope you’ll take part again next year.

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