2016 Clarrie Gibbons Race

36th Clarrie Gibbons on Wed 16 March 2016

2016 Results are available here.

This event is an institution in the Wellington region. It celebrates Clarrie Gibbons’ success in winning the inaugural New Zealand marathon championship. It is organised by runners for runners.

The event covers 23.7km with a shorter 12.5km walk/run event run from Korokoro Gateway to Eastbourne. As with previous years, you will need to carry your own water – there are taps around the course you can top a bottle up at. The finish is at the Eastbourne Rugby Clubrooms.

A donation at the finish would be appreciated to help cover the costs

This 23.7km run or walk starts from Clarrie Gibbons Bookstore in Post Office Square, near Wellington’s waterfront at 5.30pm for most of us and 6pm for the speedsters who can run a half marathon in under 1 hour 50 minutes.

Or you can start at 6pm from Korokoro Gateway and walk or run the 12.5km to Eastbourne.  If you are starting from here, please be aware there is no ‘official marshall’ stationed here this year, so you will need to start yourselves.  So, when you’re ready to set off, START your watches and when you finish at Eastbourne, STOP your watches and let the person recording the times know your time.

Attendance is an acknowledgement that the competitor is solely responsible for their safety during the event.

The event features:

  • Gear transport to the finish
  • Samosa provided at the finish
  • Prizegiving starting at 8:30pm including trophy for first and spot prizes
  • Complimentary first drink at Eastbourne Rugby Club
  • Complimentary bus transport leaving 9pm, stopping as required between Petone and Rongotai

If you think you will take longer than 2 ½ hours, you may like to consider starting earlier, and taking your own time, just advise the timing person at the finish.

Race contact: Tony Coard 027 4432221 or puruwai@gmail.com

A BIG THANK YOU to Tony for organising this event.

Course Description
The course has few marshals. You need to follow these instructions:

The event starts at the lights crossing from PostOffice Square to Queens Wharf. From there it will run along the seaward side of Jervois Quay back to the Stadium
Cross the Quay using the overbridge and head south along the concourse to the Thorndon Quay steps. Run north on the footpath up Thorndon Quay and then the old Hutt Road to Ngauranga.  (if you are doing this as a 4 person relay, this is the end of the first leg).
From here runners must use the cycleway to Horokiwi before running to Petone, Korokoro Gateway just over the Petone Overbridge.  (this is the end of the 2nd leg of the relay).

Run along the seaward side of Petone Esplanade using the walkway. Leave the sea edge at the petrol station and stay on the right side of Waione St to cross the Hutt River.

Immediately after crossing the Hutt River take the pathway south along the river edge to get to Port Road

Run all the way along Port Road until it rejoins the road to Eastbourne. (this is the end of the 3rd leg of the relay).  There is a tap adjacent to the public toilets where you turn off the road to go across the marina carpark to access the walkway around to the Bays. Stay on the seaward edge of the road all the way from here.

On reaching Eastbourne the main road continues away from the sea. Turn right into Marine Drive here and run past Bishop Park and the pool.

Keep to the right on Marine Drive and the finish is only 800 metres past the Eastbourne Wharf

The 12.5km course description is as above starting from Korokoro Gateway.


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