2015 Clarrie Gibbons Results

The 35th Clarrie Gibbons was run on Wednesday 18th March in windy and cold conditions, but, hey, at least it wasn’t raining!

Participants had a tail wind from Post Office Square, a bl…y cold cross wind along Petone esplanade (I might be a bit biased there, as I was handing out water at Petone getting blasted by the Southerly!), and into and out of the wind around the bays to Eastbourne.

Tony got the Post Office Square starters underway, Richard Benefield looked after the Petone starters and Katie and Sian stood out in the cold at Eastbourne for a couple of hours recording your times.

So thanks to the helpers, plus, of course, Mo who supplied the van, the pie warmer and the samosa’s and Murray Gibbons for organising the Eastbourne Rugby club rooms and a very pleasant barman. And a special thanks to Grant McLean for promoting this to Scottish Harriers. Thanks also to all the participants for taking part and being patient with the transport arrangements – hopefully the Queen Mary won’t be in on the same night next year!

Results as follow – if you have any major disagreement with your time(s) – which may have been adjusted slightly from your own recordings, to account for finishing order – or my interpretation of Tony and Katie’s writing in regards to your name, then by all means let us know.


PETONE starters

Names Times:
Warren Burke 00.53.29 First Male finisher from Petone
Angeline Penberthy 00.59.35 First Female finisher from Petone
Dorota Starzak 00.59.39
Lucy Cabaniuk 1.17.30
Dave Wilson 1.23.29
Liz Morrison 1.27.30
Helen Reynolds 1.29.45
Judith Bagley 1.35.00


Names Times
Stephen Day 1.30.36 First Male finisher from Post Office Sq
Harry Burnard 1.34.05
Matt Rogers 1.37.20
Steven Cummings 1.42.00
Brendon Quirk 1.42.38
Andrew Wharton 1.44.07
Joseph Bulbulia 1.44.08
Alister Saunders 1.44.54
Jamie White 1.44.55
Nick Whalley 1.46.16
Grant McLean 1.46.17
William Twiss 1.46.17
Hinano Andrews 1.53.00 First Female finisher from Post Office Sq
John Plimmer 1.53.47
Lindsay Barwick 1.53.49
Paul Barwick 1.53.49
Julie Johnson 1.55.03
Tim Johnson 1.55.03
Brian Hayes 1.56.00
Sean Bardsley 1.56.39
James Perham 1.58.00
John Gardner 1.58.23
Duncan Matthews 2.02.28
Rudi Mack 2.06.35
Hayley Moselen 2.11.38
Rachelle Manning 2.16.55
David Green 2.16.55
Ann Stewart 2.25.00
Pamela Bunney 2.32.46
Claire Bruin 2.32.50
Mo Bhika 2.35.56
Laurence Feehan 2.38.38
Gita Bhika 2.50.37

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