Welington Marathon Clinic
17 May 2015

Fiona’s had a “frazzled” week and Jillian is enjoying her Cinema Night tonight, so it’s left up to me (Stan) to provide you with this week’s report (rather belatedly).

Runner Lost in the Rimutaka Forest
Last weekend a woman competing in the Xterra Trail Run in the Rimutaka Forest Park went missing during the run after taking a wrong turn. She spent a cold night lost in the bush with the weather expecting to take a turn for the worst. To keep herself warm, she dug a hole in ground and covered herself with dirt. She was found the next morning waving down the Wespac Rescue Helicopter on the river bed of the Orongorongo valley 2.5km from the running course.

I didn’t really take much notice of the news item until it appeared on the evening news and Campbell Live and found out that woman was Susan O’Brien. Susan and her husband Dan were members of the Marathon Clinic a few years back. Susan used to run in Gordie’s pack and I remembered her to be a very good runner, winning a number of awards in her time with us. I was wondering where she went to. Dan and Susan have since had 2 young children and the breast milk Susan had stored for her youngest help sustain her through the night lost in the bush.

So glad she is safe and sound and reunited with her family.

Corrective Exercises with Femke
Those that came along to the Clinic last Sunday were treated to a brief introduction to Corrective Exercises specifically for runners and walkers by exercise kinesiologist Femke Koene (or Fem).

Fem will be conducting monthly sessions for clinic members after the run/walk. We’ll tell you the dates of these sessions when they have been coordinated with the WMC calendar.

I encourage you take full advantage of these sessions (whether you are currently running or injured). Fem really knows her stuff, about how the human body moves, the interactions between muscles, tendons, bones and fascia. Securing her services will be a real asset to the club.

The group sessions will have generic exercises, but for those that want to take it a step further, I  recommend you have private sessions with Fem. She can prescribe a specific program for your needs. Check out femkekoene.com.

Exercising your Foot Core
Now here is an article that Fem found on the Globe and Mail site, a Canadian newspaper. It relates to Exercising Your Foot Core. The web of small foot muscles plays an important role for core stability that has been largely ignored by sports doctors and physiotherapists. Something that Fem will be dealing with a lot in her upcoming sessions with the clinic -not to be missed.

In the Footsteps of the Marines
There are now 30 seats reserved on the bus to the Footsteps of the Marines event for next week 24 May. It’s not too late to book your seat to Paraparaumu.

We have arranged for the bus not to leave McKays Crossing until 12 – 12.30pm, so if walkers would like to enter the event, this should give them sufficient time – it will mean a late trip back, but hey, it’s only once in a couple of months we do these things and we should be back by 1pm or just after

– Jillian

I hope members have not been unduly affected by the bad weather around Wellington this week and hope to see you all at the ASB Centre this Sunday.

Honest 10K Run
And almost forgot! The next Honest 10km run is held this Sunday and every third Sunday, starting at the Evans Bay Wind Needle 9am, check it out.



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