Welington Marathon Clinic
26 July

Ohariu Valley Bus Trip

Bus Trip this Sunday, so don’t be late. Get there a little bit earlier (say 7:45am) as the bus is scheduled to leave the ASB Centre at 8am.

For more details about the trip and of the other pick up points refer to the Noticeboard. Make sure you get to these pick up points on time and wave down the bus driver.

At the moment there are 19 seats booked. It’s not to late to register, just go here.

Just an addition that Stan was unaware of – the cafe only accepts cash or EFTPOS, so leave your credit card(s)/cheques at home!  And first ones there, make yourselves known at the counter, as they have a couple of reservations so they’ll need to direct you to the correct table(s).   See you Sunday, Jillian

Beware of the Dog

Two Sunday back I was coming back through Newton on my usual shortened run. At the moment I’m only running about an hour, as I try to get back into a more consistent training regime. I had a few more runners join me as they were recovering from the marathon the week before.

We head back towards Kilbirnie on a small side road off Riddiford St. Mark Growcott is just few strides ahead of me as we run along a narrow footpath. Gordie, Lachlan and Roger behind me.

I hear a “GRRRR…”and “GRA..ROAR…ROAR..ROAR!!”

An English boxer jumps up with its front legs on top of a gate, pokes it head out, snapping his jaw in the air between Mark and myself.

It was the shock more than anything else. I tried to stop, slam the breaks on and side step, but I’m not as nimble as I used to be.

I look back and see the boxer backing up the drive way, just as a long jumper is about to start his run. The gate is barely waist high! I’m not waiting around to find out just easy it is for the boxer to straddle that fence.

I feel my right calf tighten up and about 100 metres down the road I know it’s not right and I stop and limp the rest of the way. “See you guys back at the Centre”.

Two weeks on and the calf is still not right. I’ve booked in to see my physio, but she’s in great demand and although I booked at the beginning of this week, she is not available until next week.

Fem’s kinesiology session has helped but I think I need some acupuncture.

Femke’s Kinesiology Session

We had a good session with Fem last Sunday. Fem introduced the group to basic floor stretches and exercises. With my encounter with the English Boxer, an hour long session help loosen my tight leg and back muscles.

It’s not too late to join in with Fem. Expect the next session to be in August.

If you would like to find out more about Fem, check out her website http://www.femkekoene.com

Walk2Dfeet MND

A message from Claire Reilly from the Motor Neurone Disease Awareness association:

Hi guys,

We are organising a nationwide walk to raise money and awareness  for Motor Neurone Disease on the 20th September. MND is a terminal neurological condition for which there is no effective treatment. It leads to the death of nerve cells controlling the muscles that enable us to move, speak, breathe and swallow.

We are holding the Walks in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. To date we have John Campbell, Nigel Latta and Te Radar in Auckland, Sir Richard Hadlee and  Stephen Fleming will be in Christchurch,  Paul Ifill in Wellington, and Simon Doull in Hamilton

Here’s the website http://walk2dfeetmnd.co.nz

With my injury I won’t be there this Sunday, so have a good bus run or walk,




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