2016 August

Minutes of Committee Meeting
5.30pm – 7pm, Central Library, 15 August 2016

Wim van Dijk (Chair), David McCrone, Tony Oakshatt, Judith Dennis, Lynda Young
Wim Apologies Mike Candy, Bice Awan.

Minutes of the last meeting
Moved that the minutes of the last meeting on 18 July be accepted as a true and accurate record, Wim/Tony, carried.

Nothing to report.

Matters arising, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Committee roles are in progress; agreed that Wim will take on events and promotions, Judith coaching, David treasurer, Lynda secretary, Tony stores and new member greeting; continue at next meeting.
  • Judith will report on Green prescriptions at next meeting
  • Mike’s report on feedback from pack leaders on follow up with visitors/new members noted for next meeting; seeking to get leaders to contact new people after their initial Sunday run/walk.
  • Tony collects names/emails of new folks, Judith will get pack leaders’ email addresses for Tony to send on new folksí details.

Finance and membership

  • Replies to RFP were due on 10 August, apparently no progress has been made from this; Lynda and Wim to contact Mike and consider a direct/personal approach.
  • The auditor estimated a fee of $300, approved.
  • Financial year ends on 30 September.
  • David has been advised to reconsider the GST deregistration, heíll report to the next meeting.
  • David will talk to the auditor and advise the next meeting on rationalising the bank accounts we hold.
  • A proposal will be put to the AGM that we donate $5,000 to the Wellington Free Ambulance.
  • Moved that the payments listed in the financial report be approved, David/Wim, carried.

Admin, website

  • Membership form to be changed, as discussed.

Calendar, events 

  • 27 August movie night
  • 3 September bus trip
  • 23 October ASB isn’t available, agreed to investigate a fun event/BBQ at Otari

Social media

  • There is not a lot of activity on the FB group but its progressing ok;
  • FB and website are being/can be used for events and to promote casual
    mid-week get together.

Other business

  • Wim will check with VUW and Massey if WMC marketing and retention
    of members would be of interest to a student.
  • Judith will research ‘how to grow your club’.

Next meeting 19 September, 5.30 pm at Central Library.

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