2016 July

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting
6pm – 7pm, Central Library, 15 July 2016


Wim van Dijk (Chair), David McCrone, Tony Oakshatt, Judith Dennis.
Apologies Mike Candy, Lynda Young.

Minutes of last meeting

Moved that the minutes of the last meeting on 15 May be accepted as a true and accurate record, Wim/Tony, carried.

Matters arising, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Thanks to Tony for Wahine talk
  • Email discussion re purchase of a projector (hire is $20) – consensus is that it isn’t worth buying one
  • Agreed by email to go ahead with Times Cinema evening
  • Continue to publicise the dinner through notices on Sunday and in the weekly report


  • No correspondence

Finance and membership

  • Membership is up by three since June meeting
  • $90,000 from event sale has been paid
  • There is $10,000 in cheque account – leave for now, since interest is so low at the moment
  • Thanks to David for the monthly report
    Moved that the payments listed in the financial report be approved, David/Wim, carried.

Business Plan review

Review of proposed roles
(Please read in conjunction with the BP)

  • New members – Tony to lead, but we all have this responsibility, along with pack leaders: ideas include introducing new members to a ‘buddy’, follow-up if attendance falls away – provide a welcoming environment; no action on Starter Pack as outlined in Business Plan
  • Coaching – Judith, with Tony as back-up. Suggest changing the registration form (David) to include a question about goals, and to ask whether the new member wants a training programme. Judith will also check out the marathon plan on our website.
  • Guest speakers – Wim has this in hand.
  • Event co-ordinator – Wim – includes bus trips, keeping the calendar updated.
  • Volunteering – Mike – for the June event.
  • Monitoring – this should be someone other than those involved in the roles above, to check that we are meeting our goals. This could involve conducting an annual members’ survey.
  • Promotions – agreed we should have this role, but we will need someone else to volunteer.

The Business Plan makes the suggestion that we may be able to work with programmes such as the Green Prescription (offering support to those needing exercise for basic health needs). Judith to find out what would be involved.

The 4-year plan: what do we want WMC to look like in 2020?

  • Enough members to be sustainable – say 100.
  • Retain ASB as base for meeting? Some discussion about having an alternative for variation of routes – but is this practical?
  • More emphasis on electronic communication – use of social media, etc.

Other business

  • Consider track funding requests at 15 August meeting
  • Also further discussion on the above… to fill in the gaps

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