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2016 Clarrie Gibbons Results

The 36th Clarrie Gibbons was run on Wednesday 16th March, 2016, in
drizzly and cold conditions – how disappointing after the fabulous
weather we’d been having!

Participants had a tail wind from Post Office Square, a cold cross wind along Petone esplanade (I managed to get there about 5.50pm – man, getting through town and on a crowded train at that time of day is a nightmare, I’m just glad I don’t do it every day!!!), and into and out of the wind around the bays to Eastbourne.

Tony got the Post Office Square starters underway, and Katie and Yasmin stood out in the cold at Eastbourne for a couple of hours recording your times – they
did a great job of recording your ‘self-recorded’ times (that made things so easy at the finish, I think I’ll try and convince Tony to make it a standard ‘thing’), collecting your ‘donations’ and handing out the drink tickets.

A big thanks to you guys (and gals), plus, of course, Mo who supplied, the pie warmer and the samosa’s and Murray Gibbons for organising the Eastbourne Rugby club rooms and a very pleasant barlady.

Thanks, also, to all the participants for taking part. Results as follow, let me know if I’ve misread Katie’s recorded times, or spelt your names incorrectly.


Petone Starters 2016

Name Time Comment
Angeline Penberthy 00.57.56 First Female finisher from Petone – and over 1 ½ mins faster
Liz Morrison 1.27.34
Judith Bagley 1.27.34
Dave Wilson 1.30.00 First Male finisher from Petone
John Hines 1.45.07 Oldest participant – and Dave donated his bottle of wine to John
Jean Cookson 2.04.00

Post Office Starters 2016

Name Time Comment
Brendon Quirk First Male finisher from Post Office Sq – and just under 2 mins quicker than last year, well done!
Steven Cummings 1.45.20
Butch Borlase 1.48.25
Hayden Munro 1.48.25
Brian Hayes 1.59.19
Rachelle Manning 2.00.06 First Female finisher from Post Office Sq
Geoff Ferry 2.02.00
Stu Chandler 2.05.18
John Gardner 2.14.00
Alistair Ross 2.20.00
Joe Love 2.26.40
Robyne Blackford 2.28.18
Ann Stewart 2.32.00
Pam Bunny 2.32.38
Tom Llanillo 2.33.30
Carly Brunning 2.42.59
Jenny Sellars 3.01.00
Denise Isles 3.12.00
Winnie Cleary 3.32.00

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