2017 January


Minutes of Management Committee meeting
5.30 pm – 7.00 pm, Wellington Central Library, 16 January 2017

Mike Candy (Chair), Wim van Dijk, David McCrone, Judith Dennis, Tony Oakshatt, Lynda Young.


  • ASB bookings for 2017; ready for website calendar. Wim

Minutes of last meeting
Approve Minutes of the November 2016 meeting
Actions from November minutes

  • Green prescriptions – complete in February.  Judith
  • Clinical Track signage work not yet started. Mike
  • Shoe Clinic sponsorship underway – complete in February. Mike
  • Marketing/membership plan – discuss in February. Wim
  • Wim and Lynda to be added as BNZ accounts signatories; Mike to check set up with Sally; David will get current signatories from the BNZ. David

Moved: That the minutes of the 21 November 2016 meeting be accepted as a true and accurate record, Judith/Wim, carried.

Matters arising, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • AGM draft minutes for completion by end January, table at the February meeting; attach all reports and don’t summarise them; trophy lists to go in Dropbox. Lynda
  • New committee member to be considered in coming months.  Lynda

Finance and membership

  • Financial report and bank statements had been circulated, further BNZ reprints to follow this meeting (Rapid Saver and petty cash). David
  • Mike will contact Noel Winsloe to let him know that it was decided at the 2016 AGM not to have the 2016/17 financial statements audited or reviewed, and to thank him for his past services. Mike
  • AGM decisions re WFA donation will be actioned once the AGM minutes are tabled. Mike
  • Mike will check on previous assets and what was sold with the event. David
  • David’s budget forecast to monitor monthly expenses to be reviewed at the February meeting. David
  • 2016/17 subs were voted on at the AGM; David will check on the sub form.

Moved: That the 2017 member subscriptions ($50 and $35) voted on at the AGM are subject to a $5 discount if paid by 28 February 2017, David/Lynda, carried.
That the payments made, 16.11.16 to 11.1.17, be approved, Lynda/Mike, carried.
That the 30.9.2016 Performance review report be loaded to the Charities Services website on 20 January if majority of committee members have approved it by email, Lynda/Wim, carried.

  • Thanks to David for working on the report.
  • Charitable status to be discussed in coming months.

Admin, website

  • Versions of email lists need clarifying. Wim

2017 Calendar; events

  • Thanks to Wim for circulating a draft calendar; a time trial will be offered for May, bus trips and away days to be finalised and then put on the website. Wim
  • Fem’s sessions will be continued if a minimum of 8 people are attending and they are within the budget that will be discussed in February
  • Pecha Kucha and speakers to be arranged approximately monthly by Wim, thank you. Wim
  • Pack leaders meet in January to encourage retention of members, programme, safety, get feedback on WMC; to be arranged by Judith; Committee members welcome to attend at own expense. Judith

Moved: That up to $150 be spent on drinks and snacks for pack leaders at a welcome function at the Realm, in January, Lynda/Wim.

Clinic membership

  • 2017 goals to be discussed in February  Judith

Profile & marketing

  • WMC uniforms to be reviewed in coming months  Judith

Social media
Business plan

The meeting closed at 7 pm with thanks to everyone for participating.
Library meeting dates are in the calendar
Next meeting is 20 February, 5.30 pm. Lynda

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