2017 July

Minutes of Management Committee meeting

Wellington Central Library, 5.30 pm, 17 July 2017

Mike Candy (Chair), Judith Dennis, David McCrone, Wim van Dijk, Tony Oakshatt, Lynda Young.
Apologies: no apologies

no correspondence to record

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 19 June meeting as a true and accurate record. Tony/Lynda, carried.

Actions from June minutes not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Transient Track sealing is in good shape; the signage for Transient and Clinical tracks has been designed but neither are in place; Wim will keep monitoring both tracks.
  • BNZ signatories changes are complex, Mike to get onto it.
  • Mike will talk to the Shoe Clinic about T shirts.
  • Mike will present the ASB emergency procedures to the group on a Sunday.

Finance and membership

  • Financial report and bank statements (17 June to 14 July) had been circulated, thanks David.

Moved: That the payments (17 June to 14 July) are approved and the bank balances verified, subject to the movie night income ($500) being confirmed by email. Lynda/Judith, carried.

  • Pro rata subs for the remainder of the year confirmed; David will keep Meghan up to date on this.
  • David will seek some accounting help with the preparation of the year end accounts.

Admin, website

  • Wim will edit this month’s newsletter; Judith has material for it; Mike will get Wellington June 2017 Marathon results for it.


  • The fun programme (and its publicity) on 13 August (rain day 20 August) will be refined by Wim, Judith and Lynda.
  • Movie night 15 July, Time Cinema, was a good evening, 32 attended.
  • 30 July bus trip to Wainuiomata/Days Bay, no ASB booking that day; Mike will let Meghan know.
  • Judith will arrange a pack leaders drinks get together, during August or September, at the Realm Hataitai.
  • Everyone should canvas support among packs for a WMC dinner.

Clinic membership, Profile & marketing, Social media, Business plan

  • Survey had a very good response rate, 67 current members and 25 past members. Wim will publish all the reports in the newsletter.
  • Requests for phone call contact will be followed up by Lynda, Judith, Mike, Wim and Tony in the coming weeks, report to next meeting.
  • Publicity for WMC will be on the August agenda.
  • Waiting to hear from Sean re the Shift programme.

General business

  • Noted that David will be away during September and October.

The meeting closed at 7pm, thanks to everyone for participating.
Next meeting: 21 August

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