2017 June

Minutes of Management Committee meeting

Wellington Central Library, 5.30 pm, 19 June 2017

Mike Candy (Chair), Judith Dennis, David McCrone, Wim van Dijk, Tony Oakshatt, Lynda Young.

Mike will reply to the WCC consultation on Cobham Drive; Polhill Reserve consultation will be in the newsletter for individual replies.

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 22 May meeting as a true and accurate record. Judith/David, carried.

Actions from May minutes not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Clinical Track signage re WMC and Transient Track sealing and signage re WMC are being followed by Wim.
  • BNZ signatories changes are complex, Mike will stick with it.
  • Wim will put a notice on the website and the FB page about the mid-week groups being informally arranged by their participants, that these are not formal WMC groups.
  • Interest income was confirmed by email.
  • Mike will talk to the Shoe Clinic about T shirts.
  • Mike will give the ASB emergency procedures to Meghan.

Finance and membership
That the payments (20 May to 16 June) are approved and the bank balances verified, Mike/Tony, carried.

  • Financial report and bank statements (20 May to 16 June) had been circulated, thanks David.

Admin, website

  • A new style newsletter will be launched this month. Its magazine format will support more content than previous weekly reports. The weekly notices format will be used occasionally for time-sensitive material; thanks to Stan and Wim and to Jillian.
  • The new newsletter is intended to be published in the 3rd week of each month and will have a rotation of editors.


  • Wim, Judith and Lynda met Athletics NZ reps last week to get ideas for a WMC focus event. It was agreed to run a fun programme on 13 August, to combine social mixing with run and walk relay teams using a 2km circuit, followed by “prize/praise” giving and morning tea. Wim, Judith and Lynda will refine the ideas and email.
    Movie night 15 July, Times Cinema, website bookings

Clinic membership, Profile & marketing, Social media, Business plan

  • Survey will be open till the end of June, further responses to be encouraged by Mike/Stan.
  • Pack leaders catchup will be arranged by Judith, once the survey results are available.

General business

  • Mike will get the Wellington Marathon results in the new newsletter.
  • The SHIFT programme was discussed and was supported in principle, looking to assist up to say 6 young women to train with WMC for a half or marathon event with WMC paying entry fees and waiving WMC membership fees. Judith and Wim will talk to Sean who is the contact and bring more detail to a future meeting.

The meeting closed at 7 pm, thanks to everyone for participating.
Next meeting: 17 July.

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