2017 September

Minutes of Management Committee meeting

WHAC Rooms, 5.30 pm, 18 September 2017

Mike Candy (Chair), Wim van Dijk, Tony Oakshatt, Lynda Young.
Apologies Judith Dennis, David McCrone

ASB re changing meeting room; Mike to forward Wim’s last reply to the same question.

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 21 August meeting as a true and accurate record. Tony/Wim, carried.

Actions from August minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda:

  • Lynda will talk to the Shoe Clinic about T shirts.
  • Everyone to make sure the survey calls are completed.
  • Clinical Track signage has been installed (Wim to sight them when possible).
  • Mike to confirm WFA demonstration of resuscitation packs on 24 September.
  • First aid kit replaced, thanks Tony.

Finance and membership

  • Financial report and bank statements (19 August to 14 September) had been circulated, thanks Mike.

Moved: That the payments (19 August to 14 September) are approved [accounts verification deferred to October meeting]. Lynda/Wim, carried.

  • Mike to check on June marathon event fundraising payment.

Admin, website

  • Stan will edit this month’s newsletter, Wim the following month; Lynda to write up survey report for this month.
  • Wim will co-ordinate an exercise to sharpen and update the website – plan for next meeting.


  • Scheduled bus trip for September has been moved to October 15 due to bus insurance/hire problems; destination Belmont.
  • The away trip scheduled for November 26 (date TBC) will be replaced with an Otari run/walk and BBQ.
  • Thanks to Judith for the pack leaders drinks get together, useful ideas came from it
  • WMC dinner dropped for this year.
  • AGM and turkey trot set for Sunday 3 December.

Clinic membership

  • Waiting to hear from Sean re the Shift programme – currently on hold.

Profile & marketing Social media Business plan

General business

  • David away early September to late October
  • Wellington Harriers Athletic Club proposal to move WMC activities to their club rooms was considered but remains on hold until the WHAC’s lease is confirmed with WCC.
  • 2018 committee members to be considered; AGM is set for Sunday 3 December.

The meeting closed at 6:30 pm, thanks to everyone for participating.
Next meeting: 16 October (apologies from David).

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