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WMC Survey 2017 Results

WMC survey 2017

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2017 survey. We asked current members what they liked about WMC and what changes they’d like to see. We also asked past members why they did not renew their membership (those who hadn’t renewed in the last two years). Approximately 50% replied to the survey, enough to give a reasonable indication of facts and opinions.
We report on the primary findings. For more details, refer to the attached images below:

The Basics

  • Most of our current members are aged over 40 and they have belonged to the Clinic for more than ten years.
  • The main motivation for coming to the Clinic is for running and walking with the added social benefits of group activity.
  • There is an interest in more social events and outings, though not especially for competitive ones.
  • Health and logistical problems were the main reasons that people gave for leaving.

Survey respondents

  1. The gender split is 53% female, 47% male.
Age Current members Past members
20-29 1 1
30-39 2 6
40-49 13 4
50-59 14 8
60-60 24 6
70+ 2 0
Total 56 25

Thoughts on participation among current members

  • WMC helps me to improve my running/walking: This was the most important motivation for two thirds of our members.
  • WMC improves my motivation to run/walk: nearly all members agreed with this statement.
  • Training programmes: The results showed a clear message that this does not figure highly in members’ motivations.
  • Social contact and/or having friends at WMC: were also strong motivations for the most members.
  • Social events: there was a balanced range of opinions on holding additional social events.
  • Bus trips: there were mixed opinions about the value of bus trips but just over half rated them as important.
  • Nearly all members found it easy to fit WMC into their life and saw it as good value to money.

Changes that current members would like to see

  • Different run times e.g. start time of 8.30 a.m.; weekday runs and walks
  • Further Sunday activities e.g. a session on safety issues; pack leader training plus a mandatory stand down after two years (for at least 12 months); more of a focus on particular marathon events and group training for the same event; information on national walkways/running tracks that members have experienced; massage therapist every month; more information on running improvement and upcoming events (with links on the website); clothing and bags to buy.
  • Social events e.g. more social activities with other opportunities to run/more training programmes; a brunch or barbecue.
  • Recruitment / retention ideas included incentives to attract, retain and motivate new members; more focus on encouraging Clinic members entering fun runs/races

Responses from past members

  • WMC helped me to improve my running/walking and my motivation: These were the most significant factors that attracted membership from more than half of this group.
  • Training programmes: Did not feature highly in their motivation to continue membership with WMC.
  • Friends and social contact: The pattern of responses from past members were varied as to their role in motivation, whereas current members valued these aspects more greatly. This may imply that a sense of being with friends is an important reason for staying at the Clinic.
  • Other reasons for belonging: Past members had mixed views about bus trips and how easy it was to attend WMC. They showed less interest in social events but saw WMC as good value for money.

When asked “What would attract you back to WMC” most replies included logistics, time pressure and health; as well the culture of WMC was a factor for a few people.

When asked “Why didn’t you renew your membership” health and injuries, moving away from Wellington and other demands on time were the main reasons provided.

Where to from here?

The committee is looking at initiatives to retain happy members and to address a falling membership. These include:

  • Understanding the motivations for membership and what current members are seeking from WMC.
  • Giving greater support to our members in their running and walking.
  • Considering how we run the Clinic, incorporating a social element into business as usual activities.
  • Holding stand-alone social functions.
  • Looking at how other clubs are managing these concerns.
  • Noting that the reasons that the vast majority of past members gave are mostly are not issues that WMC itself can address (eg moved away from Wellington) but we do note that the Clinic culture was a factor for a few people.

We don’t think that there are any simple answers but we always welcome your feedback and any help you can give to the Clinic. We’ll report back through the newsletter and at Sunday meetings – meantime everyone can encourage new members and help us to welcome them along.

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