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August 2017 Newsletter

And another month passes by, welcome to the August newsletter.

I’ve got a list of things from various people to pass on to you, including: 

  • from the committee – next bus trip; the mystery medley results – with photos from Edward (if I link it correctly); update on the WFA resuscitation packs; and another old shoe collection organised
  • a new member profile from Roland
  • an article from Stan on Running Biomechanics
  • Fems next corrective exercise session
  • and a change of venue in October – not doubt you’ll be reminded of this much closer to the date, but, hey, it’s a message from the President, so I should put it in (even if it did take half a dozen emails to narrow down the date/day and month…!!!)

Ok, lets do the ‘dates’ first, then get into some ‘meaty’ stuff.

Shoe collections:   Bring these along on any Sunday BEFORE THE MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER – I’ll take a punt here and say 17 September would be the last Sunday.  They are looking for:  mens shoes, size 8.5 or bigger, with some life in them that you are willing to donate to the Christchurch Corrections Youth Unit.  If you’re interested, the original article that inspired this is:  https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/greatly-appreciate-donations-corrections-need-running-shoes-young-inmates-completing-duke-edinburgh-award

Fem’s next corrective exercise session:  this is now scheduled for the 3rd September to avoid clashes with other committments.  Starts at 10.30am for an hour, so come along and get advice on how to avoid injuries and keep yourselves moving for years to come.

Next Bus Trip:  this is going to be in Belmont on 17 September (in case you have a copy of the WMC calendar, this has been changed from 10 Sept so it doesn’t clash with the Pelorus Trust event).  Wim is going to publish more info on the website a bit closer to the time, but basically we’ll leave the ASB at 8am, drop people off at the Petone entrance of Belmont Park and meet up at cafe Chavi afterwards – aiming to be back about 1pm.

24 September:  BEFORE your runs & walks, we’re hoping to get Ben who is a Paramedic Shift Manager from Wellington Free Ambulance along to give us a demo of the resuscitation packs that we donated to at the last AGM (I say ‘hoping’ only because if something unforeseen happens he may have to go in to work instead). 

29 October:  Mike has advised that we’ll be in the smaller rooms at the far end of the mezzanine floor of the ASB – so if you arrive and there’s strange people in our usual room, then keep walking….

Ok, now for some interesting articles and tidbits:

Mystery Medley (held 13 August):  from Wim – everyone who attended the mystery medley, henceforth called “banding together”, seemed to enjoy themselves.  There were some great costumes, impressive physical feats and yummy food.  Well done to the winning teams: blue and red, and costumes:  Anoja, Marion.  Lynda, Judith, Meghan and I had such a good time that we’re already thinking about something similar in 2018.  Who would have thought that going around the block could be so much fun?  Edward sent in some photos, just click here to have a gander.    

Rolands profile:  Click on Roland to link to his interesting and fun profile.

Stan’s article:  Running Biomechanics for the Layman 

My first article in the science > biomechanics stream was going to be about pronation, what is it, how over-pronation can be a problem, what causes it, what you can do about it.

But as I started to research for it, I didn’t realise how complicated it would be, to describe elements of the human body; bone, muscle, tendon, fascia; and their dynamic movement in relation to one another in three dimensions.
I’m not a biomechanic, pedorthist, podiatrist, occupational therapist or kinesiologist. I’m just a casual runner, but I’ve had my fair share of injuries and I want to know what causes them. Why do I need to do these sets of exercises? Why do I need to do these glute exercises when I am experiencing Achilles Tendon problems? Why do I have lower back pain?
And I mean I really want to know, a generalised reason of “an imbalance in muscles” is just not going to answer it for me.

Biomechanics for the Layman is what I’m after, but only in relation to running/walking, injury and rehabilitation.

So how are we going to do this? Where do we start? From the beginning of course. We need to set a framework up. Explain the basics up front and we may need to refer back to them often.
We can’t avoid using anatomical definitions if we want to understand what the experts are saying. We need a common language.
I’m going to be researching and learning as I go, writing up articles.
Providing videos from experts and summarising what I’ve found in hopefully understandable terms.

There is actually a lot to cover. So let’s get started with The Running Gait Cycle.

Upcoming events:  There are a number coming up before the next newsletter, including the Pelorus Trust; Masterton marathon; Abel Tasman Coastal Classic; Melbourne marathon and probably just after the next one (and Labour weekend) is Auckland marathon.  Good luck to any of you taking part, and let us know your results.
Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything.  Have a good month.



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