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October 2017 Newsletter

WMC News and notices for October 2017

Editorial / Rant


Hi there, aloha, kia ora.

You might expected something from the recent Belmont bus trip (thanks Mike and Tony), but actually this month’s photo is a couple of clinicians just prior to the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic.

I’ve been re-reading the words from our president in the September newsletter.  I’m sure we can all relate to his injuries and illness, but I should point out that Mike has persevered and been creative in his exercising, and is now getting rather strong on the bicycle.  Looking good for summer. 

WMC can always use some creativity. The committee is interested in your ideas for improving WMC, especially if you are prepared to do some of the grunt work.  Have I mentioned that we need a couple of new people for the 2018 committee?

Perusing the notices… I’m hoping my knee is up to jogging Mt Kaukau in memory of Andy McNeill next Monday.  Further down (please please don’t rain on the 26 Nov!) there is the AGM.  One of the trophies that is given out then is the Harry McDonald for service to WMC – if you have a nomination for that trophy,  then please inform a committee member or send it in electronically via the contact form

lastly … at the bottom of this post, some idiot commits himself to a half marathon in mid-summer.


  • 23 October (Monday) – Andrew McNeill Memorial run/walk:
    • Julie McNeill has invited us to have a short run together on Monday 23rd October at 9.00am from 9 Eastcott Grove, Churton Park. The plan is to run or walk up towards Kaukau and visit the lookout seat location that commemorates Andrew, who passed three years ago on the 23rd. It’s great to run together and to remember fellow Wellington Harrier and Good Mate, Andrew.  We return to Eastcott Grove for morning tea.
  • 29 October – Room change.  We will be in the Ngake and Whataitai rooms (northern end of the mezzinine floor in the ASB)
  • 29 October -we will also have one of Femke Koene’s Corrective Session, everyone is welcome to join in.
  • 26 November – we will be returning to Otari Wilton bush for a run/walk and then a few snacks.  Meet at 8am in the main carpark near the Info office, 160 Wilton Rd – this is where the packs will leave from – you’ll need to leave your bags in your cars, and collect them when you get back. After your runs/walks there’ll be a BBQ in the picnic area – put on by the club.  No booking at the ASB so hope it stays dry!
  • 10 December – this is the date of the AGM.  More details will be sent later, but the general order of business is:
    1. turkey trot
    2. motions: these may (or may not) relate to the constitution, either way those rules are worth reading
    3. trophies:
    4. food

Reverse caption competition

For a bit of fun, we’re running a competition to supply a photo that fits a caption. 

The caption you have to match is “Hard Pack“.

Email your photo with subject “Hard Pack by <your name>” to info@wmc.org.nz before 13 November and win … well … bragging rights.  The photo must be taken in 2017 by a WMC member.  The competition judges are the members of the WMC committee – excluding any of those that have submitted an entry.

Training with Judith Dennis

Iliotibial Band (ITB)

Many runners will know of, have suffered from, or worry about this very common runners’ injury. The IT Band connects the outside of the pelvic bone, via a muscle, to the outer side of the lower leg bone. It’s purpose is to stabilise the thigh bone during exercise, but long distances and a heavy workload can cause it to tighten and rub across other bones – hence soreness on the outside of the knee. In some cases, you can feel an uncomfortable snapping sensation either over the outside of the hip area or the outside of the knee joint, when running.

I found this article from Runners’ World, which takes you through a three-phase plan for when this injury strikes. Note that the third phase is ‘Strengthening’ and we’re advise to keep that up even when the injury has settled. So this third phase is probably the most important to read if you’ve ever had ITB problems.

Here’s the link: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/beat-itb-pain/

New Fitness Instructor

I’m taking some tentative steps towards starting up as a Fitness Instructor! It’s early days yet, but my Facebook page has gone live (https://www.facebook.com/j.dennis.fit/), and I’m certainly looking for some ‘guinea pigs’ for my first sessions! My target market is older women (50+) or women who haven’t exercised in recent years, and I’m aiming to hold group fitness classes, preferably outdoors. I haven’t set up times yet, but they could be during the day, early mornings, or evenings – depending on demand. My introductory offer is: First session free, subsequent sessions gold coin.
Feel free to contact me either through Facebook or on 027 685 3498. Ideas welcome!

Monthly Member profile

Thanks Judith and good luck.  Don’t leave just yet though, we want you to answer a few questions for the October profile

Targeting the Bays Half

Wim promises to do something he might regret.  Read more…

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