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A few words from our president, Mike Candy…

President’s Comment
Another month has rolled by and I have lurched from a running injury to a seemingly never ending cold. While there is nothing better than hiding in bed all day when you feel decidedly average, you pay a price when it comes time to start exercising again. We are not getting any younger and while we might like to think we are all ageing like a fine wine, some days I feel more like a vinegary chardonnay than a finely balanced pinot noir.

This month we have summarised the results of the WMC survey for you. It turns out that many of you come along each Sunday as a way of motivating yourself to exercise, and that not only are you searching for motivation, you value the company of the group that you exercise with. These are all good things and your committee is looking at ways to continue to offer these benefits while making our offering more attractive to a wider group of like-minded individuals. The downside of the social aspect is that in this age of instant connectivity it is easier than ever to find and participate in a social or sporting group without ever joining a club. Ours is not the only club facing this dilemma – many social, sporting, community and religious groups are suffering declining numbers, or at least declining attendances. The WMC has an advantage that many other groups don’t – we are financially independent because of the time and effort that past and current members have spent on the Wellington Marathon. This enables us to keep our annual subscriptions low, meet our everyday operating costs and still enjoy a reasonably varied array of social and sporting functions. Our annual outgoings exceed our income, but as long as we are judicious about our activities, our funds will meet the reasonably foreseeable needs of all members. As President, I am comfortable with that, and my prime concern is that the focus of the Clinic remains the responsible use of our funds.

If you are not happy about that then there is an opportunity for you to either join the Committee and play a role in shaping the future direction of the Clinic, or take individual responsibility to invite new attendees and help shepherd and encourage those new attendees to attain their running goals. I encourage you to take up either challenge. Our AGM is fast approaching and several Committee members have indicated that they wish to stand down – so start thinking not about what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club.

This Sunday we had Ben Wylie-Cheer, operations Manager from Wellington Free Ambulance demonstrate the packs that our donation helped to fund. I hadn’t realised that our donation funded the first phase of prototyping and testing of the units. Now they are finalised, and the completed packs are in use around Wellington, Wellington Free are attracting the attention of St Johns Ambulance and other paramedic services that see the benefits of the packs.

So at long last spring seems to have arrived, daylight savings has started, trees are in bloom and the weather is getting a little warmer. The election hype has passed and we each are suffering the tragedies or triumphs from the results (the final outcome still unresolved at this point). I am aware that a few club members are casting about for events to do before the end of the year – please talk amongst yourselves and support your fellow runners and walkers who are determined to complete a race – feel free to set up a training group targeting a specific race. Talk to your pack leaders if you need assistance – we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our group.

A message from Bice Awans:

Pound the Pavement for PADA  (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa)
25%of women and 10% of men suffer from depression during and after a child is born

Sunday 5th November – 10.00
Bothamley Pathway, Porirua – pathway is flat
5km or 10Km run or walk

Register at  or call 044616318 by Sept 25th 2017
Fundraise at

Try to raise the maximum to make a difference to families in NZ
Lots of goodies for all participants

Member Profile
Check out this month’s member profile for Tony Oakshatt

WMC Survey 2017 Results
Lynda Young has posted the results from the 2017 WMC Survey.

Biomechanics Series
In continuation of our Biomechanics series, you can learn all out Pronation and Supination.

I’ve also added the Biomechanics series on the WMC menu, under Resources > Biomechanics.

Something for the Walkers
And last but not the least something for walkers, How to Walk Properly.

OK, looks like the better weather is coming, and I’m noticing more members showing up on Sunday mornings.

See you out there, Stan

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