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2017 Clarrie Gibbons

The 37th Clarrie Gibbons was run on Wednesday 15th March, 2017, in
fabulous running/walking weather – the best in several years!

We had very low numbers this year – probably due to Tony only giving about 10days notice, we’ll try for a bit longer next year (which should be about the 14th March 2018) and hopefully get a few more taking part…the advantage with low numbers though, was that everyone got something at the prize giving (even if they did leave it behind, Liz….oops).

We decided to get you started at 5pm or 5.30pm this year, which worked really well to get everyone to Eastbourne at a good time so you could have a drink and something to eat before the prize giving got underway so expect these start times to be the same in future years.

Tony got the Post Office Square starters underway as usual – it should be noted that we had NO female runners from town – maybe next year we can get a few to give the boys a bit of a challenge…  Stefan looked after the Petone starters, and handed out water for the town runners, Jas recorded the finishers and their times and Jillian cooked the bacon for your bacon butties.  Thanks to all the helpers, and to Murray Gibbons for organising the Eastbourne Rugby club rooms including the bar and hot showers!

Thanks, to all of you who showed up to support this by taking part.  Please let me know if I’ve spelt any of your names wrong, or you think I’ve worked out your times incorrectly – the times are rounded off to hours/mins due to the way they got recorded at the finish, next year we’ll get you taking your own times, and record your running/walking times off your watches.


Petone Starters 2017

Name Time Comment
Bev Hodge 1.08 First Female finisher from Petone
Liz Morrison 1.30  
Judith Bagley 1.31  
Dave Wilson 1.56 First Male finisher from Petone

Post Office Starters 2017

Name Time Comment
Brendon Quirk 1.48 First Male finisher from Post Office Sq – well done again, Brendon!
Wim van Dijk 1.52  
Brian Hayes 1.52  Well done Brian – 7 mins faster than last year!
Duncan Matthews 2.00  
Stu Chandler 2.14  
John Gardener 2.20  
Mo Bhika 2.31

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