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What do you do when you are not running?

I’m semi-retired, working as a support worker for people with disabilities. I also coach junior netball and cricket, and I’m aiming to start my own business as a Fitness Instructor

What started you running?

Random browsing in the London Bookshop (remember that one – in Cuba Street?) – I came across a book for beginner runners, complete with a plan to run your first ‘mile’! Haven’t looked back!

Who has influenced your running the most?

Betty Meyers, Audrey Childs and Janet Campbell – they were in the 6min pack when I started with WMC back in about 1981 – they were generous with their advice and encouragement, and I owe them heaps! And a real role model for me was Bernie Portenski – what a loss to the Wellington running community.

Why do you run long distances, and why with the clinic?

I’m too slow to run short distances!!! The Clinic philosophy appeals to me – the discipline (which I’m failing at right now) to run one long, slow run each week, with a few shorter ones in between. And I enjoy the opportunity to learn from the experience of others – and to share my own learnings.


What other sports interests do I have?

I love cricket, and enjoy hanging out at the Basin in summer – even for domestic matches… Netball is another favourite – and I even resumed playing again a couple of years ago – very frustrating as I can’t keep up with women 30-40 years younger than me! I coach both sports, hoping to infect youngsters with my love of sport!

Most memorable track

I love the Eastern Walkway, up past the Anzac Memorial. But last time I ran it, I fell twice!

Favourite event

Masterton! I ran my first marathon there, and my first, and later my fastest, half-marathon. Now I go back every year to run whatever distance I’m capable of at the time – the 10k this year. I still want to do another marathon there!

Essential Running accessory

My smart phone – I love posting pictures from my run on Facebook – lets my family in Australia know I’m still moving – and what a beautiful city I live in!

The silly question – You’ve invited 3 dream guests over for a dinner party, you don’t have to say who they are, we want to know what are you going to feed them?

Yikes! I’m a nervous cook! Maybe pumpkin soup with home-made bread to start with, followed by a vegetarian curry on rice, and a fruit crumble with banana ‘ice-cream’ to finish. And accompanied by a red wine, of course….

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