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Member Profile – Roland Idaczyk

What do you do when you are not running/walking?

Eating, sleeping … just kidding! I have been working in IT as a software developer for 30 years and am now trying to establish a more relaxed lifestyle by providing various services, mostly translation and transportation. Outside work, I am involved in a range of other activities ranging from arts to science.

What started you running/walking?

Back in grammar school I had a sports teacher, Mr Allmann, who had been training with a 1960s European champion over 400 metres. He got us out running at the beginning of each sports period, rain or shine. Later I got back into running to get fitter, mainly running by myself and eventually for more than two hours. 

Who has influenced your running/walking the most?

I started to take running a bit more seriously in the 1980s, inspired by a veteran amateur runner in Germany, Hans Anton Schmitz, who advised and encouraged me. Since joining the WMC in 1993, my greatest influence has been my then coach Ross Fisher. Ross introduced me to systematic training and Marathon preparation.

Why do you run/walk long distance, or why run with the Clinic?

Running long distance allows me to clear my mind and gives me that feeling of accomplishment. Running with the Clinic adds companionship, friendship and entertainment. What more can you ask for?

What other sports/interests do you have?

In school I was a keen handball player, both as a goal scorer and goal keeper, and enjoying track and field sports; I was able to high-jump my own height. 

What’s your next goal/race/event?

I would love to run another Marathon this year, but am not sure if I can get myself fit enough. There is no particular event that I have identified, but would prefer something close to Wellington.

Most memorable track

This would have to be the Inaugural Abel Tasman Coastal Classic. Closer to home, I always look forward to the Skyline run (Karori – Mt Kaukau – Khandallah) for both the views and the finish location. 😉

Favourite event

Every event is special: Rotorua as my first ever Marathon, the old Wellington course (twice around the peninsula; the “loneliness of the long distance runner”), Cologne Marathon for nostalgic reasons …

Essential running (walking) accessory

Good shoes. I have mostly run in Asics models but have also been seen in others (in strictly alphabetical order: Adidas, Mizuno, Puma). And, of course, a foldable paper cup for the all important drink stops … Remember: Keep yourselves hydrated!

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