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What do you do when you are not running(walking)?
I work in IT for a large government body as a Business Analyst. In past lives I have been a software developer with a background in Telecommunications and an Assistant Engineer.

What started you running(walking)?
As a means to get fit for other sports.

Who has influenced your running(walking) the most?
Believe it or not, it was a 6ft 5 Croatian basketball centre who got me out running every work day lunchtime, rain or shine. No excuses. We would squeeze as much we could within that lunch break and his pace was unrelenting from start to finish. We would often sprint to the finish. He wasn’t really interested in running, certainly not running for more than an hour, only as a means to stay fit for basketball.
Another influence was veteran Kapiti Coast runner, Maurice Piper whom I used to worked with. It was only when he became injured that I could keep up with him. But he added more variety and longer distances to my runs. Unfortunately he had knee surgery and has never been able to run the same again since.

Why do you run (walk) long distance, or why run with the Clinic?
I happened to work in the same building as Stefan Vluggen and Alan Brian. And ended up joining them for lunch time runs. Both Stef and Alan joined the Clinic and encouraged me to join. I joined about 6 months later and started to increase my running distance.

What other sports/ interests do you have?
I used to play volleyball, badminton and taekwondo when I was younger, but now the only sports/activity I do is running.

What’s your next goal/race/event?
I don’t really enter events. In the past I have entered as a pacer for friends competing. The only event I ran for myself was the Rotorua Marathon.
My goal is to stay fit. Use it or lose it. I’ve seen first hand the effects of inactivity as you age and it’s not a pretty sight.

Most memorable tracks
There are a number…

  1. It would have been Tinakori Hill before the tree felling. There use to be intimate tracks where you were surrounded by a green canopy. That’s all gone now. The tracks have been either covered by felled tree trunks or cleared open. In fact, the first Clinic run I ever did, Kelvin took us up Tinakori Hill. I was stuffed before the half way mark but managed to hang in there for the whole 2 and a half hours.
  2. On a summer’s day at the Hawkins Hill radar station, looking down onto the valley, spotting three New Zealand harrier hawks soaring below us, with the heat of the day giving a shimmering mirage effect.
  3. On a cold crisp winter’s morning, the south end of the Southern Walkway. At the top of the track we ran above the fog cover and were greeted with clear blue skies and glimpses of The Parade below between breaks in the cloud. Other worldly.

Favourite event
It would have to be Rotorua and the Wellington Marathon.

Essential running (walking) accessory
Unfortunately I’m waiting for the price of GPS watches to drop further in price. So at the moment it’s got to be my Asics Gel Cumulus shoes providing me with a consistent ride and fit year after year.

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