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My name is Anthony (Tony) Oakshatt.

I am a founder member, life member, and have served on numerous committees of the WMC.

After years of weight lifting and gym work I noticed an advert for the WMC in January 1979 and decided my aerobic fitness needed improving, so started on a journey that is still continuing.

The late Peter Shackleton, was a mentor of our novice pack, and he undertook, if we did the work, to have us fit to run the Masterton Marathon in November. Unfortunately I was hospitalised with a back injury that year, but did complete the Marathon in 1981 in 4:14 at the age of 50.

I later ran the Rotorua twice, and the ultimate experience, was London in 1983 with a recorded time of 3:58 but this was before transponders, and it took 10 minutes to cross the start.

I still exercise every day and try to walk 50km a week, and work out at the gym on 3 days. For years together with Jean Kersill we took the 6 min pack until I needed to care for my partner and handed the baton to Bill Buxton.

In my spare time I am involved in community organisations.

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