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July 2017 Newsletter

Editorial part 1

July is a cold month … and I can prove it. From more than 13 years of hourly data at Kelburn the average monthly temperatures were: May: 11.8, June: 9.6, July: 8.9, August: 9.3.

When it’s dark or wet outside, getting exercise and fresh air is more important than ever. Going running or walking is a great way to keep our spirits (and vitamin D levels) up, and it is much more fun if we do it with other people.

So it was inspiring to see Sean, Jennifer, Graeme and their friend Fran complete the WUU2k and finish with big smiles on their faces.

Movie Night – Mrs Minneva

by Mike Candy

We had a great turnout for our WMC movie night and dinner, thanks to Gordie for organising it. It seems to me that Gordie greatly relishes the task of selecting our cinematic treats – and we were well entertained on Saturday night. From nostalgic reminiscences of the maintenance system on the London Double-decker buses to the safety tips from the Mountain Safety Council on how to stay safe while tramping in the bush. Gordie even brought along his own mountain mule backpack that dates back to the same era as the NZ Mountain Safety film.

The main feature was a treat – I was not aware of its existence, a movie about world war two and its impact on families in Britain. It was released in 1942 – and in retrospect would have been completed and screened before Britain and the Allies knew the outcome of the war. It was a classic piece of subtle propaganda, this is everyone’s war, we are all suffering, we all have a role to play. The film was set after the disaster and triumph of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbour, but before the invasion at Normandy and well before anyone in Britain dared to hope that the Allies might prove victorious in Europe. A film to remind everyone of what was at stake and that everyone needed to pull together.

Interestingly, Tony Oakshat commented that he went to see the movie when it first screened in Britain (he must have been all of about 14). And Roland offered that his Latin teacher in was a fighter pilot who was shot down over Britain and captured for the period of the war, and how Latin had allowed him to communicate with his Italian co-POW’s without his captors listening in.

Thanks Gordie, a great choice.

Upcoming events

30 July – Bus Trip to Mt Lowry

This track has the best protection and drainage in the entire Wellington Region. It’s never bad.

The bus will leave from ASB, with the following stops:

  • 8:00 depart ASB
    • If you need to be picked up at Cambridge Street then let Wim know
  • 8:15 at Railway station
    • If you need to be picked up at Ngaio gorge then let Wim know.
  • 8:20 at base of Ngauranga Gorge
  • 8:40 drop off on Wainuiomata Hill Rd
  • Make our way to Days Bay cafe
  • 11:30 depart cafe arriving back at ASB around noon

13 August – fun WMC event (reserve day 20th)

We thought we’d do something a bit different on this day. The aim is for members to mix with others in the clinic and have some fun. Everyone is invited. We’ll leave it a little mysterious at this stage, but you will definitely be running or walking outside, so if it’s pouring we postpone to the following week.

Oh, and we will hand out a good morning tea and a few small prizes at the end.

Training Tips

by Judith Dennis

Here are some exercises that will strengthen all the right muscles so that running Wellington’s hills will be a breeze: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/hillprep/ Caution: be careful with the deadlift – try to keep your back straight, with the bend coming from the waist, and at the knees.

Some more tips on hill work: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/hill-running-with-no-hills/

If you’re like me, and you belong to the gym, (and you are rapidly aging!) you might just find yourself using the treadmill more often in this wintry weather. Here are some workouts to get in some hill practice: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/3-treadmill-hill-workouts/ You might have seen this on Facebook recently! 


Member Profiles

Find out more about el presidente (Mike Candy)

el presidente

Food Intolerances

Here’s an article from Stan about Food Intolerances…

As I’ve got older, my body has developed intolerances to certain foods. And it’s not just me, more and more people are experiencing this to almost epidemic proportions.

It’s certainly affected my ability to run and to find suitable things to eat… read more

Committee corner

WMC Survey

The survey is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey forms. The committee is still wrestling with what all of it means, so with the idea that many heads are better than a few, we’re posting the summaries below (past member responses are on the left and current member responses on the right).  Feel free to discuss any insights with a committee member.

click on any of these to see a full size image

Transient Track resurfacing

If you haven’t been on the new gravel on Transient track in Polhill, then we recommend you do so. Thanks to our donation last year, the track looks quite swish now – much more even and a lot less slippery.

Editorial part 2

Can I tell you a story? My first experience of marathon clinic was Opening Day in 2001, at the aquatic centre. I was pretty nervous, so latched happily on to Caroline Boyd, another newbie who seemed more confident. Even better, she turned out to be roughly as fast as me, so we went out to do the super challenging distance of 12km … on the flat.

I saw Caroline at the clinic quite a few Sundays during the next few years.  Then she left the clinic, and we only saw each other at the occasional running event.

So this is Caroline’s story. She never told me that she had a rather high powered job, or that that she was actually quite fast (1:24 half), it was enough that she was a running buddy.

It was a shock to find out that Caroline was killed last May in a tragically random accident.

I can’t make much sense of what happened to her, the most constructive thing I can think of is that we’ve got to enjoy every minute we have. For me, for us, that means putting on sneakers and getting outside. It may be hard to do at this time of year, but make the effort – you won’t regret it.

Wim van Dijk

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