June 2017 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the WMC newsletter for June.

“I have a dream today.
I have a dream today that every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed…”

(Martin Luther King/ Isaiah 40:4-5 King James version)

Doesn’t that sounds like being out with a Marathon Clinic pack in Wellington on a Sunday morning?

It also speaks to me of a dream I had about the club and this website when one of the first versions of it was constructed years ago, that more Clinic members would contribute to the content on the website (overcoming obstacles and inertia).

This content is not just about competing in an event. Long distance walking and running is a way of life. We’re looking for articles that cover the intersection between walking, running and life. This covers race results, training, health, nutrition, tracks and much more. It will help make the website a useful resource for members and visitors to the site looking for answers. Take a look at the Article Backlog.

Thanks to Mike Candy, Wim, Jillian, and Judith for their contributions, present and future, it’s a start towards that goal. So won’t you join us. Contribute what you can, whether it’s on a casual basis, working as an investigator or whether you’re completing your own member profile, ever little bit counts. Contact WMC

But first, a few words from the President…

From the President
This is the first of our new monthly formats for communications. Tony Oakshatt tells me that the newsletter used to be called “The Running Commentary” and that copies were provided to Archives NZ to be held for posterity. We are aiming to include useful information for running and training in this newsletter – please feel free to put pen to paper if you feel you have useful advice to impart to our members.

This monthly format will take some of the burden off Jillian who has been diligently reporting weekly.

We recently held another of our monthly committee meetings to keep the Clinic running on an even keel, and a number of items resulted from that meeting.

Members survey – if you have not already done so, please take the time to fill out the members survey. We have about 25 responses so far with a good level of information contained within. So by my estimate there must be about 70 or so more who have not filled it out and from whom we would love to hear. We hope to present a summary of the results in coming months.

Wellington Marathon – On behalf of all Clinic Members I would like to thank those of you who took the time to help with the marathon this year. We have had a reduced role which has taken the pressure off members, but many key functions were still performed by clinic members (including unpacking and separating about 4,000 bananas). Some of us finally finished up at 5 pm on Sunday

– I would wager we were on our feet longer than many of the participants. From my perspective, the effort is well worth it when I saw the finishers streaming across the line – all proud of their achievements. Your efforts also help put a little money into the WMC coffers.

I understand Stan is intending to write about WMC members who participated in the event – so I will try not to steal too much of his thunder, but I would like to congratulate all of you who ran. I would particularly like to acknowledge Brian Hayes who smashed his age group record for the marathon by about 20 minutes, Susan and Persephone who ran their first marathon, and Jennifer, Karen and Wim who ran personal bests.

Polhill Reserve – the issue of walking and riding trails in the Polhill Reserve seems to galvanise opinions. It is one of my favourite places in Wellington to run, and our contribution to the resurfacing of the bottom of “Transient” has been money well spent, as was our contribution towards the walking and uphill cycling trail “Clinical” (no coincidence about the name). Our funding of these trails has been publicly acknowledged. We now have the opportunity to submit on Council plans to further separate cyclists from walkers and runners with the addition of a bike priority descending trail. Submissions are open until July 3rd so take the opportunity to have your say here –

http://wellington.govt.nz/have-your- say/public-inputs/consultations/open/polhill- consultation

Cobham Drive – The WDC is also calling for submissions on a possible location of a pedestrian overpass for Cobham Drive. We have submitted that a crossing at the Troy St roundabout would best suit our needs.

Movie night – Gordy has arranged an oldy and a goodie for us for the night of July 15th at the Times Cinema. Please fill in the form on the Clinic Website if you are intending to attend, but please note that you will be required to pay if you book but do not attend.

SHIFT Programme – Sean (who also ran a pretty good half marathon last weekend) is investigating possible WMC involvement in the SHIFT programme which aims to get young women more physically active and confident. We would aim to provide a safe and helpful environment with the aim of completion of a full or half marathon. Watch this space.

Follow-up on the Red Cross presentation – We had Rachel Holderness from the Red Cross present to us several Sundays ago.

Apart from disaster relief and first aid training I discovered that they also supply ‘meals on wheels’. Rachel mentioned a peer to peer fundraising site that you can use to raise funds while competing in events. I have attached the blurb and the link below:-

Join a Red Cross Challenge – sign up to an existing sporting event and get sponsorship from friends

and family. Find out more at https://www.redcross.org.nz/get-fundraising/

As discussed attached is a the information on the Hazard App is on our website here: https://www.redcross.org.nz/what-we-do/in-new- zealand/disaster-management/hazard- app/.

I think when I searched under the app store ‘Hazard App’ it was the first to pop up.


That’s really it – the year is rocketing by and our next committee meeting is scheduled for July 17th. I look forward to seeing you all at the Clinic on Sundays.

Mike Candy.

Wow! Did you see that… that burst of lightning… out there on the horizon.
OK, now wait for it… wait for it.
While we’re waiting, here’s my account of the Wellington Marathon last weekend, and take a look at the right hand sidebar for Member Results. Apologies if I have left you out of the list; Contact WMC.

Gazley Volkswagen Marathon: On the Concourse
What a fantastic day it was on Sunday, only the second year in the history of the event at the Westpac stadium has it been fine weather on race day.

As Mike has stated, key responsibilities for the event are still held by WMC members:
Jillian -baggage
Helen or Sally -Registration
Gabrielle and Anna -at the help desk
Dave Parle, Stefan, Bill Freck and Mo -out on the course
Mike Candy -finish chute
Myself, Tony Coard, Jaz and Julian Williams -out on the start/ finish line

All ably supported by members of the Heart Foundation
And all professionally managed by Michael Jacques and father Dennis taking over from Kelvin on the concourse.

Nice to see the use of drones by the event photographers capturing the event starts. I would love to see the pictures and videos captured.

Great to see Kelvin competing in the 10K after recovering from a quadruple bypass. We missed you at the finish line Kelvin.
And great to see a band of Clinic members cheering on our participants at the finish line.

Congratulations to all participants, especially those running their first marathon or achieving a PB.

I had aches and pains all over my body; moving cones, barriers and concrete blocks, taking down the finish line structure.
I wholeheartedly agree with Dave Parle when he said “we’re runners (with puny upper bodies), not built for heavy lifting.”
We probably could have done with a couple more hands to help pack up.
Sorry Mike – Julian and I left about 4:30pm on Sunday. We could do all we could and weren’t sure when the truck was going to come back for the remaining finish line items.

Next year, if you’re not competing, why not give us a hand. Its all great fun and will raise funds for the WMC.

Now a few training notes from Judith Dennis…

Core Workouts for Runners

A strong core can lessen our vulnerability to injuries – especially knee and back injuries. A strong core contributes to stable alignment so that we don’t end up inadvertently over-using some muscles/joints/tendons. This workout shows some very important strengthening exercises … Continue reading

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When we run with the Clinic, we usually know a bit about our fellow pack members, but what about runners and walkers in other packs?

Member Profile: Stan

What do you do when you are not running(walking)? I work in IT for a large government body as a Business Analyst. In past lives I have been a software developer with a background in Telecommunications and an Assistant Engineer. … Continue reading

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WMC Movie Night
Saturday 15 July. The movie title will be a surprise. Take a punt, you won’t be disappointed.

Please note: Once you have registered, you are expected to pay. There will be NO refunds! The WMC will pay for the movie. The $25 per person will be paying for the dinner. Numbers are expected by 5pm Wed 12 July.

Movie Night Form now closed

Movie and Dinner Seats Reserved

Judith Llewellyn
Jane O’Connell
Mohan Senanayake
Roland Idaczyk
Brian Hayes
Mike Candy
Peter Firth
Bill Frecklington
Paul johnson
Toni Finkle
wim van dijk
Alicia Bunge
Gordon Clarke
Sybil, Denise and Maree
Shirley Hampton
Mark Growcott

Total seats reserved so far:  30

One thought on “June 2017 Newsletter

  1. Hi From sunny Perth always enjoy receiving the newsletter.
    Had the pleasure last weekend of attending the Perth marathon run by the marathon club here 1000 starters over various events half etc including lots of kids, great to see.
    Why not look at bring a group over for next year?
    Regards to all
    Rob Sutton

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