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November 2017 Newsletter

Another month has passed since Wim’s newsletter in October and Christmas seems to be just around the corner…  Since then, we’ve had a memorial run for Andrew McNeill – thanks to Julie for hosting this; Check out the photos supplied by Roland; the passing of Betty Meyers, one of our oldest members who will be sorely missed; the AGM on the horizon with a few ‘retirees’ from the committee (don’t forget to put your hand up for next years committee); and it seems summer has arrived.

This Sunday, 26 November:  we are meeting at the main carpark for Otari/Wilton Bush at 8am – Wim assures me the weather is looking spectacular for this (if his map hasn’t been corrected, don’t panic, we’re not meeting just off the coast of Africa…!!!).  You can do a run/walk in the area and then the committee has organised a BBQ for your enjoyment afterwards – I’m guessing 10/10.30ish – and to celebrate Tony Oakshatts long serving membership of the club and the committee (he’s one of the committee retirees) they’re making him cook the BBQ.  Last time he did a brilliant job, along with his trusty assistants!

The following Sunday, 3 December:  this is the date of the AGM which is preceded by the Turkey Trot.  Mike is working out a suitable course for you to turkey around, without your watches and after you’ve estimated how long it will take you – he will explain in greater detail on the day.  If you didn’t receive Lynda’s email with copies of last years minutes and the agenda that were emailed on the 17th November click here so they can be sent to you. 

Below is some info I received from Lynda today:

  • All members are encouraged to attend the 2017 AGM at 10am on 3 December, at the ASB Stadium, followed by morning tea.
  • No notices of motion have been received (these were due on Friday 10 November for notification to members 7 days later) but the Committee has proposed a motion which is on the circulated AGM agenda, recommending that the 2018 subs remain at the current level.  This can be voted on by those present or by a proxy vote emailed to: Contact WMC to be received by 5pm on Saturday 2 December.
  • Further motions can be brought to the meeting as general business but as there is no prior notification, they cannot be voted on by proxy.
  • Dates over the holiday period:  the last day for the ASB room being open is 17 December; Sundays at the ASB will start again on 21 January – why not bring a friend along to kick off the New Year?  You can still meet at the ASB informally if you prefer, otherwise take the opportunity to enjoy some different starting points around Wellington.

For those of you interested in shoe brand popularity, Roger Moroney sent a graph through to Stan about the “Kona Shoe Count” taken at the 2016 Kona Ironman Championship – I can give you a link to the breakdown here, but I can’t work out how to get you the graph (which is much prettier…).  What it does show is that the Hoka OneOne shoe brand took the top spot from Asics by a considerable percentage. 

That’s it from me for this year.  If Stan has anything to add, I’m sure he will.  I’m not sure if this is the last newsletter for the year, or if you’ll get one in December that will summarise anything of importance from the AGM. 

Hope to see you over the next couple of Sundays




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