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Round-the-Bays Half 2018

A number of people have mentioned that targeting some events as a group could be fun.  To start the ball rolling, I thought I’d aim for the 2018 Round-the-Bays half marathon and below is my 12 week training plan. 

This plan is for intermediate runners who want to beat 1:45.  I will try and stick to it as much as possible: I’m kayaking on the Whanganui just after Christmas, so that may all be Cross-training.  You may note a slight tendency for an easy week followed by a hard week – that’s deliberate on my part.

Happy to run with anyone else who wants to train for the Bays or even talk to others about it.

download-able PDF is here



  • Hills.  I have done repeats of 7*20s up then down again, but I find that a bit dull so tend to just run up a big hill like Mt Tinakori.  Push a bit on the uphill and cruise down.
  • Cross Train.  This means cycling for me, but others go swimming or do gym work (shudder)
  • Easy.  Well usually this is the long slow run on Sunday.  Theoretically I can converse with a fellow runner.
  • Fast.  95% of race pace.  Going for it!
  • Tempo run.  1km easy warm up, then a comfortably hard pace (say 85% of race pace), then 1km warm down.  During the faster parts I can’t hold a conversation but can get a few words out.
  • Fartlek. “Speed play” in Swedish.  This isn’t too structured, but I put in some faster and slower bits.  I think of this as interval training.
  • Rest.  This means no aerobic work at all, but stretches, or core work eg. pilates etc is a good idea.

How is it going?

10 Dec 2017

Three weeks of fine weather, with the last one pretty warm, has been excellent for getting outdoors.  There is a risk of overdoing things, so I skipped a run on Wednesday but went berserk on Thursday, in 27 degrees.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I really needed the rest on Friday!

The Sunday run went as planned, though BH encouraged me to go a bit further (24km) and quicker (5:08min/km) than intended.  Legs are OK though and it was lot’s of fun. 

The upcoming week has a few 7ish km runs – much better than epics.

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