April 2018


Minutes of Management Committee meeting
Wellington Central Library, 5.30 pm, 16 April 2018

Mike Candy, Wim van Dijk, Judith Dennis, Persephone Georgikakis, David McCrone
Apologies Lynda Young, Nazir Awan

Nothing to note.

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 18 March meeting as a true and accurate record. Wim/Mike carried.

Matters arising
Dates assigned to actions requested by Brian Hayes

  • May: explore alternative venues to ASB
  • June: canvas members on a later start time on Sunday mornings

The financial report is accepted subject to a change in the total for incoming subs. Welcome back David.
Payments made during the previous month were approved by the committee
Moved : that the Sunday assistant, Meghan, be payed at the minimum adult wage of $16.50/hour from the 2nd April 2018. Mike/Persephone, carried.

Calendar; events
Bus was cancelled for Great Forest Run, but at least a dozen members attended that event, including 4 marathoners.

Mike/ Nazir to progress the May 27 – Footsteps of the Marines – Paekakariki event

  • Trophies will be handed out on 22 April prior to the runs. Wim to advertise and Wim/Judith to present
  • Movie night set for 16th June. As in previous years,WMC will pay for the venue and members pay for their food. Wim will organise a sign-up form in May which includes the Clinic bank account number.
  • WMC dinner 4th August at Oikos.
  • Member subsidy of $20, they will need to pay $30
  • Non-members need to pay $50
  • attendees buy their own alcohol
  • sign-up form, including an option to count vegetarians, will be set up by Wim after June 16th.

Admin, website

  • April: Stan May: Wim,
  • June: Judith

Wim and Stan are still working on adjusting the Google membership spreadsheet so that emails can be automated.

General business
Membership subcommittee

  • Not a lot of progress from the membership subcommittee. Handing out leaflets was suggested.
  • WMC 40th anniversary is in January 2020. Persephone/Mike to look at setting up a sub-group (other committee members) to organise :
  • A running event – 40km relay
  • A social event.

No further discussion beyond previous suggestions:

  • an open focus event
  • membership over 100
  • donations policy to be finalised and approved by members.
  • a Pilates/Yoga type class?

The meeting closed at 6:55pm.

Next meeting: 21 May

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