August 2018


Minutes of Management Committee meeting
5:30pm, Central Library, 27 August 2018

Present Mike Candy, Wim van Dijk, Judith Dennis, Persephone Georgiakakis, Nazir Awan, Lynda Young.

Apologies: –
Correspondence: –

Moved: To accept the minutes of the 16 July 2018 meeting as a true and accurate record. Judith/Mike, carried

Matters arising from the July minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Judith is owed $30 for the July library meeting room, apologies.
  • Lynda will take the signed July minutes to the BNZ to change our signatories.
  • The dinner payments report balances and can be closed off.


  • The financial report was reviewed and discussed, thanks Mike.
  • Moved:That the financial report 16 July to 19 August is accepted, the payments are approved and the bank balances are verified.
    Persephone/Judith – carried
  • Moved: That a monthly automatic payment of $1500 is set up, from 1 September 2018, for review when 2019 sub income is received.
    Mike/Nazir – carried.
  • Wim will take unused cheque books to the BNZ for destruction.

Calendar events

  • WMC dinner
    Dinner on 4 August at Oikos was successful, thanks to Persephone and Wim.
  • Open focus event
    Wim updated his proposal for an open focus event on 28 October, from 9am. Both Julie McNeill and the Wellington Harriers support the proposal
    The organisation of the event so far:
    Wim is handling the publicity – WCC; WMBC/track builders; Harrier clubs; general public; local residents.
    Event course: Wim and Mike (marking and marshalls)
    Food: ?
    Prizes : Persephone (Lynda: Shoe Clinic)
  • Survey of meeting venues and meeting times
    In response to Brian Hayes’ request, meeting venues we researched and Sunday meeting times were surveyed. Mike will collate the survey results and report in the September newsletter; he will alert Brian to the results.
  • 40th anniversary
    Wim will write about the 40th anniversary for the August newsletter, seeking volunteers to work on a programme.
  • Bus trips
  • 16 September to Colonial Knob/Ohariu Valley; 4 November to Rimutaka Incline, Nazir will sort out the buses from website enrolments (Wim).
  • AGM will be on 16 December.
  • January 2019 dates
    Meetup at Botanical Gardens 20 January; resume at ASB on 27 January; Wim will alert ASB.

Admin, website

  • Wim will do the August newsletter, Judith will do September, thanks.
  • The role of committee members at Sunday meetings was discussed, agreeing that any WMC member could lead the group but that this was usually done by a committee member.
  • Lynda is waiting for information from WCC Archives; her report covered the collecting, sorting and indexing of material before it can go to WCC.

Moved: That up to $500 is budgeted for the archiving project, to cover room hire, catering and software. Wim, Mike – carried.

Membership Sub-Committee

  • No report; see Andy McNeill event.
  • The ASB manager will post WMC publicity on the ASB and other WCC community facilities’ electronic boards, at no charge; Persephone will adapt the open day poster and circulate.

General Business

The 2017 AGM asked the Committee to propose a policy on WMC donations. Drawing on the Constitution (5.2) and after seeking a legal opinion we will recommend that the 2018 AGM accepts the following conditions as a guideline for WMC donations:

  • Proposals for WMC donations must be notified as a notice of motion to the AGM, as set out in the Rules (5.2).
  • The notice of motion should include the recipient organisation, the amount to be donated and the reason for the donation.
  • Donations should go to registered charities which foster group running and/or walking activities in the Wellington region, catering for all ages.
  • Donations will be decided on by the AGM, as set out in the Rules
  • The total of donations in any year should not exceed 5% of the WMC funds, as shown in the 30 September year-end financial statement.

The meeting closed at 7.00pm, with thanks for participation.
Next meeting: 17 September 2018

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