February 2018


Minutes of Management Committee meeting
Wellington Central Library, 5.30 pm, 19 February 2018

Present Wim van Dijk (Chair), David McCrone, Judith Dennis, Nazir Awan, Persephone Georgiakakis, Lynda Young.
Apologies Mike Candy.

Email from Stan re Dreamworks web hosting fee for the coming two years, $US214.80; it was agreed to reimburse Stan once the payment has been made.

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 15 January meeting as a true and accurate record. Judith/Lynda, carried.
Actions from the January, not elsewhere on the agenda:

  • Lynda will re-send the draft AGM minutes.
  • Mike will report back on setting up a faster running pack.
  • Wim will sort out the remaining/lost trophies.


  • Financial report and bank statements (13 January to 16 February) had been circulated, thanks David.
  • David will revisit and re-send the financial report, for voting at the March meeting.
  • David will be away 3 to 25 March and Lynda away 13 March to 2 May so a further signatory is needed – Wim will sort this out.

Membership, subcommittee

  • Wim, Judith and Persephone will report back on how they see their role.
  • Non-renewing members will be phoned in April to encourage continuing membership – David will advise everyone on who to ring.


  • 2018 Open Day debrief: it was good to have more than usual members there but – in the short term – it was a disappointing return on the promotion.
  • Pack leaders meeting will be set up by Judith, 1 March, everyone is encouraged to come (Realm, Hataitai, 6 pm).
  • A BBQ and Otari run/walk will be held on 18 March; Wim will advise ASB and Meghan and publicise in the newsletter.
  • Wim will canvas members on a later start (8.30?) during the four winter months.
  • Nazir will report to the March meeting on a budget for bus trips, having talked to Mark Growcott.
  • Wim will post the calendar on the website.
  • Clarrie Gibbons event was discussed as Tony C is not doing it this year. With regret it was agreed that it is too complicated to make this a WMC event but Judith will get a phone number to Wim so that he can ask the Gibbons family if WMC could do something else in CG’s name.

Admin, website

  • Wim is editing this month’s newsletter, thank you.
  • Wim will co-ordinate an exercise to sharpen and update the website, bring a plan to next meeting.
  • Wim will modify his Round the Bays blog to a generic training guide and put it on website.
  • Judith will post another training guide.
  • Lynda will do a short list of what the Committee is looking at, for each newsletter.

General business

  • Goals for 2018 to be discussed at the March meeting – everyone is encouraged to email some ideas ahead of the meeting.
  • Mike will report to the March meeting on how WMC might manage donations to charities, using Judith’s paper as a guide.
  • Persephone recommends Achilles as a worthwhile organisation https://www.achillesnewzealand.org/home
  • It was agreed to drop the uniform and green prescription ideas off the agenda.
  • Downstairs meeting room 1 (left hand) is booked for the rest of the year – see calendar in Dropbox.

The meeting closed at 7.25pm, thanks to everyone for participating.
Next meeting: 19 March.

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