2018 January

Minutes of Management Committee meeting
Wellington Central Library, 5.30 pm, 15 January 2018

Mike Candy (Chair), David McCrone, Judith Dennis, Nazir Awan, Persephone Georgiakakis, Lynda Young.
Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially thanking Nazir and Persephone for joining the committee and acknowledging Tony’s stepping down.
Apologies Wim van Dijk.

Nothing to note.

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 21 November 2017 meeting as a true and accurate record. Judith/David, carried.

Actions from November and the AGM minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda:

  • Clinical Track signage has been installed, it was agreed that this wouldn’t be pursued any further.
  • Lynda will speak to Meghan about morning tea duties.
  • Thanks to everyone for the work done for the AGM.
  • The Charities Services annual return has been filed.
  • Draft minutes of AGM tabled and accepted.
  • Committee roles not voted on at AGM were discussed and allocated: Judith will look after training/technical advice; Nazir calendar/events; Persephone shopping.
  • A subcommittee (Wim, Judith and Persephone) will work on increasing (and retaining) membership.
  • Thanks to Judith for setting out the issues around charitable donations; to be on the February agenda.

Finance and membership

  • Financial report and bank statements (18 November to 12 January) had been circulated, thanks David.
  • Moved: That the payments are approved and the account balances are verified (18 November to 12 January). Mike/Judith, carried.
  • Bank signatories are Mike, David, Lynda, Gillian; Wim is working on this.
  • Moved: That the Treasurer ask the BNZ to cancel the WMC eftpos cards in the names of Ana Tyler and Tony Oakshattand to issue a WMC eftpos card in the name of Persephone Georgiakakis. David/Lynda, carried.
  • Moved: That the 2018 member subscriptions set at the AGM ($50, reduced to $35 a year for Gold Card holders, beneficiaries, students and those aged under 19 years old) be discounted by $10 for payments received by 28 February 2018. David/Lynda, carried.

Admin, website

  • Wim is editing this month’s newsletter, thank you.
  • Wim will co-ordinate an exercise to sharpen and update the website – plan for next meeting.


  • 2018 Open Day will be on 11 February.
  • Persephone will design and circulate a poster to promote the Open Day, everyone to be in touch with where they can distribute these by late January.
  • Everyone to promote through FB, Neighbourly, other sites; Wim please promote on website.
  • Mike will ask for a faster pack leader.
  • Pack leaders meeting will be set up by Judith, for late February.
  • It was agreed to retain ASB at 8am for our Sunday meetings but to consider alternatives from time to time with various events/trips.
  • T shirts will be given out on Sunday 4 February, Wim please note in newsletter.

Membership, promotion

  • Subcommittee will report back.
  • See Calendar.

General business

  • Mike will sort out remaining trophies.
  • Goals for 2018 to be discussed at the February meeting.

The meeting closed at 7.15 pm, thanks to everyone for participating.

Next meeting: 19 February. Dates for the year are on the calendar, in Dropbox.

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