July 2018


Minutes of Management Committee meeting
5:30pm, Central Library, 16 July 2018

Mike Candy, Wim van Dijk, Judith Dennis, Lynda Young.
Apologies: Persephone Georgiakakis, Nazir Awan.

David McCrone emailed his resignation (13 July), due to ill health; Mike has replied and accepted with regret, David’s resignation .
Moved: A vote of thanks to David for all his work on the WMC Committee as Treasurer, with good wishes for better health. Wim/Lynda, carried.
Mike will be in touch with David.
Moved: To appoint Mike Candy as an acting Treasurer until the AGM.
Lynda/Wim, carried. [See Finance]

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 18 June meeting as a true and accurate record. Judith/Mike, carried.

Matters arising from the June minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • The Google membership spreadsheet is underway.
  • Lynda visited WCC Archives and will make a proposal to the August meeting about archiving WMC records.


  • The financial report was reviewed and discussed, thanks to Mike for taking on this work.

Moved: That the amended income statement on the financial report 19 May to 16 June is now accepted [subs $150, movie income $250; membership 103]. Wim/Judith, carried.
Moved: That the financial report 17 June to 15 July is accepted, the payments are approved and the bank balances are verified. Lynda, Judith, carried.

  • Payments noted: Judith is owed $30 for tonight’s library meeting room; $1,000 to be transferred from the rapid save account to the current account.
  • Until the AGM the Treasurer’s work will be shared: Financial reports Mike; Dropbox, database Wim; Payments Lynda and Wim.
  • Tina van Dijk, a chartered accountant who works for a charity, will be approached to help Mike with AGM and Charity Commission documents.
  • Lynda will collect paper work from David; liaise with BNZ to change signatories; speak to Meghan re database updates.

Calendar; events

  • WMC dinner 4 August at Oikos; Wim will promote the sign up form and put in the July newsletter. WMC members are subsided by $20 for the $50 event; all others are welcome to come, at the full price. Persephone will coordinate with Oikos; 30 attendees is the recommended minimum; Wim will organise some formalities.
  • Wim updated his proposal for an open focus event in October (or nearby); he will contact Andy McNeill’s family and Wellington Harriers; seek helpers through the newsletter and by direct requests; report to the August meeting.
  • In response to Brian Hayes’ request meeting venues and times were discussed, along with current preferences and membership numbers, noting that many variables contribute to all issues surrounding both the status quo and to any changes to it. Lynda reported on Anderson Park as an alternative to ASB but it is not available this year as it is being renovated. The Poneke Hub was rejected as the showers are not satisfactory. Wim will put a survey in the July newsletter, canvassing opinions on our Sunday starting time.
  • Wim will write about the 40th anniversary for the July newsletter, seeking volunteers to work on a programme; Lynda would be the liaison with this subcommittee.

Admin, website

  • Newsletters: July will be edited by Stan, thank you.
  • Nothing to report on cloud storage of material archived off the website (Wim).

Membership Sub-Committee
No report.

General Business
The 2017 AGM asked the Committee to propose a policy on WMC donations. Drawing on the Constitution this outline was agreed to, Lynda will seek a (free) legal opinion and circulate it before the August meeting.

  • Proposals for WMC donations need to be notified as a notice of motion for the AGM, as set out in the Rules.
  • Donations are decided on by the AGM, as set out in the Rules.
  • Donations should go to registered charities which foster group running and walking activities in the Wellington region, catering for all ages.
  • The total of donations in any year should not exceed 5% of the WMC funds, as shown in the 30 September year end financial statement.

The meeting closed at 7.10pm, with thanks for participation.

Next meeting:  20 August

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