June 2018


Minutes of Management Committee meeting
5:30pm, Central Library, 18 June 2018

Present Mike Candy, Persephone Georgiakakis, Wim van Dijk, Judith Dennis, Lynda Young, Nazir Awan.
Apologies David McCrone.

Correspondence Card to David, wishing him good health.

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 21 May meeting as a true and accurate record. Nazir, Wim, carried.

Matters arising from the May meeting, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Wim will ring Mayer and Toye for the engraving invoice.
  • The Google membership spreadsheet is underway.
  • David’s health was noted; in David’s absence it was agreed that Mike will act as treasurer in a temporary capacity and manage the payments with Wim and Lynda.

The financial report was reviewed and discussed, thanks to Mike for taking on this work.
Moved:  That the financial report (for payments and account balances) 19 May to 16 June is accepted, the payments are approved and the bank balances are verified. Lynda, Nazir, carried.
Mike will review the income statement and email any alterations, for acceptance at the July meeting.
Moved:  That Mike Candy is paid $50.00 to correct an error made in his paying a membership sub for S Bardsley (9 June). Lynda, Wim, carried.
Moved:That Mike Candy is reimbursed $50 for 16 June movie night expenses (covering two unpaid attendees who have since paid into the WMC account). Persephone, Wim, carried.

Calendar; events

  • The new bus company and driver used for the Kapiti trip on May 27 was good.
  • Personal safety and responsibility was discussed, both for local and away walks and runs. Judith will include a newsletter item reminding WMC members of their responsibility for their safety, that anyone running/walking alone should ensure that they have cell phone coverage, and that their plans are known by other WMC members.
  • Movie night on 16 June was successful, thanks to Gordie for organising the meal and movie event.
  • WMC dinner 4 August at Oikos; Wim will do a sign up form for the website. WMC members are subsided by $25 for the $50 event; all others are welcome to come, at the full price. Persephone and Mike will coordinate with Oikos.
  • Wim reported on some ideas for an open focus event for October and will do some more preliminary work; to be continued at the July meeting.
  • In response to Brian Hayes’ request meeting venues and times were discussed, along with current preferences and membership numbers, noting that many variables contribute to all issues surrounding both the status quo and to any changes to it.
  • Lynda reported on Poneke Hub as an alternative to ASB for Sunday meetings; she will also look in to Anderson Park and report to the July meeting.

Admin, website

  • Newsletters: June will be edited by Judith, thank you.
  • Stan’s proposal for cloud storage of material archived off the website was agreed to, with thanks. Wim will stay in touch with Stan.

Membership Sub-Committee
No report.

General Business
The AGM asked the Committee to propose a policy on WMC donations. Drawing on the Constitution this outline was proposed, for further discussion in June:

  • Donations are decided on by the AGM
  • They should go to registered charities which support group running and walking activities in the Wellington area, catering for all ages.
  • Lynda will research storage options for WMC archival material and report to the July meeting.

The meeting closed at 7.00pm, with thanks for participation.

Next meeting: 16 July

For July agenda:
Revisit guidelines on WMC donations
Alternative meeting venues and time/s (Brian Hayes).
October focus event.
Ideas for 40th year celebrations.
Archives storage.

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