March 2018


Minutes of Management Committee meeting
Wellington Central Library, 5.30 pm, 18th March 2018

Mike Candy, Wim van Dijk, Judith Dennis, Nazir Awan, Persephone Georgikakis, Bryan Hayes (observer)
Apologies Lynda Young, David McCrone

Nothing to note.

Minutes of last meeting
Moved: To accept the minutes of the 19th February meeting as a true and accurate record. Wim/Judith carried.
Matters arising
Moved: that the amended financial records for February, supplied by David, be accepted. Persephone/Awan carried.


The financial report and bank statements were circulated by Mike – thanks.
Mike/Wim moved that the report and statements be accepted.

Membership subcommittee

Wim, Persephone and Judith met on 2nd March. We agreed that our aims were to ‘benefit the health and wellbeing of the community’, and to increase membership and promote the clinic.
Specific actions:

  • Wim: to see how WMC can be featured in local papers – no action yet;
  • Persephone: to find out how Achilles operate, and how we can form linkages – Persephone has started attending their running groups, and thinks it will take some time, because they are also struggling for numbers;
  • Judith: to look into bringing some people with disabilities supported by Community Connections to the Clinic one Sunday – no action yet.

Also discussed

  • Encourage greater use of Facebook, a more targeted approach to website content, and running an ‘open’ event (10km?) to attract new members.

Bryan Hayes addressed the committee with two suggestions to address falling membership:

  1. In three months’ time, explore again the suitability of the ASB as our centre.
  2. In two months, to again seek opinions as to moving the starting time to 8:30 – when winter has started to bite!

Brian_Hayes letter PDF
Brian Hayes letter2 DOC

Calendar; events

Nazir has obtained quotes (GST incl) for bus trips as follows:

  • April 14 – Great Forest Run – Waitarere ($750)
  • May 27 – Footsteps of the Marines – Paekakariki ($390)
  • July 22 – Wainui – Catchpool ($340)
  • September 16 – Butterfly Creek ($340)
  • November 11 – Rimutaka Rail ($340)

Mike will adjust the budget to $2500 to cover this. For Waitarere, we need at least 20 people; Mike to announce on Sunday, Wim to arrange for a booking form on the website; Judith can help organise if necessary.

The BBQ at Wilton/Otari Bush was judged a success. Mike to draw up a ‘shopping list’ to put in DropBox for future use.

Pack leaders had a meeting at The Realm on 1st March. Points from the meeting:

  • Pack leaders to consider targeting particular events and providing training guidance for pack members.
  • Cost of events can be a barrier for retired people – WMC could negotiate with owners for a Gold Card discount, or WMC could subsidise for members in a WMC training group.
  • No-one keen for later start in winter (feedback quite strong).
  • More frequent communication requested – maybe fortnightly emails to supplement monthly newsletter.
  • Could Fem’s sessions start later – for those on long runs.
  • Gordie to organise Movie night, and there was support for a Clinic dinner, and a picnic at Oriental Bay.

Admin, website

  • Wim and Stan are working on adjusting the Google membership spreadsheet so that emails can be automated.
  • Jillian is responsible for the March newsletter; Mike to supply ‘president’s spiel’.

General business

  • Missing trophies: Wim has had to organise 4 new trophies, which will be presented on 22 April. Mike to adjust budget – approx. $400.
  • Easter Sunday – ASB not available – meet at Botanical Gardens Soundshell, 8:30. Wim/Mike to advertise/announce.
  • WMC 40th anniversary is in January 2020. Persephone/Mike to look at setting up a sub-group (other committee members) to organise:
  • A running event – 40km relay
  • A social event


  • Wim: an open focus event, membership over 100, donations policy to be finalised and approved by members.
  • Persephone: look into providing a Pilates/Yoga type class.

The meeting closed at 6:40pm. Thank you for attending!
Next meeting: 16 April

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