Wim Van Dijk
Andy McNeill Event 2018 – washup

Julie McNeill, Andy’s widow, sent the this message on the afternoon of the 28th

I would like to thank you and all the team at the club for organising today’s event in Andrews memory. The girls and I are grateful for all the support we have had over the last 4 years since Andrew passed away. It is wonderful to hear the stories from others of how they remember a very special man who we miss everyday. We appreciate the hard work and effort that went into today’s event and overwhelmed by how many people took part. We look forward to possibly doing this again in the future.


The organising committee (Judith, Persephone, Wim) would like to echo those sentiments, a huge thank you to everyone that participated or helped out.  Actually almost everyone in WMC supported this event.  Really heart warming.

We are pleased to say that we met our targets – 65 participants and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – though there are always things we can improve.

It seems pretty likely that the event will return in 2019.

A few photos

Give us a sign! The medium walkers spread the word

Did you really carry a camera round the course Jon?

Some of the volunteers enjoying coffee



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