April 2018 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Trophy Presentation
The 2017 trophies were presented on April 22nd, there are a few photos here.
Wim has had a look at the names of the previous trophy winners, check that out.

Lots of stuff coming up, so check this out…

Upcoming Events

Rotorua Marathon
Go Gordie! Go Mo!

Mother’s Day
But you’re still coming out for a run/walk. Right?

Fem’s Corrective Exercise Session
Join Fem for a group session of exercises for runners and walkers.
10:30am at the ASB Centre club room. Don’t be late.
Check out what Fem’s all about.

Bus Trip
In the Footsteps of the Marines. see details below.

WMC Movie Night
For your viewing pleasure, Lord Gord Productions is happy to present a night of song, dance and nostalgia. Followed by an academy award winning movie to boot. For more details, sign up here.

Gold Coast Marathon
Go Judith! Check out Judith’s marathon training story here.
Wellington Marathon
Volunteers for this event are welcome. See below.

WMC Dinner
For your tasting predilection, WMC Productions is delighted to offer you a night of sumptuous gastronomy, great company and conversation at the Oikos Helenic Restaurant, 382 Broadway, Miramar. More details to come.

May Bus Trip
In the Footsteps of the Marines
at MacKays Crossing, 27 May.
To enter and determine event details follow the link to the online registration form.
As in previous years, people can choose to walk or run in the vicinity instead of entering the event.
Bus pickups and returns should be the same as in 2017:
7:45 Leave from the front of ASB centre
8:00 Railway station
8:05 Ngaio gorge / Hutt road
8:10 Ngauranga gorge / Hutt Road
8:30 Pukerua Bay
8:45 Whareroa Farm

12:00 Depart Whareroa Farm about Paekakariki
12:15 Arrive at Paekakariki (depending on when the last of our members finish)
13:30 return to ASB Wellington

WMC Movie Night
For a night of nostalgia, good food and an academy award winning movie (its title will not be revealed beforehand) at Time Cinema, Lyall Bay, 16 June. Go to the WMC Movie Night Registration Form.
Thanks for organising this Gordie.

Just Another Marathon
Check out Judith’s training story for the Gold coast marathon on July 01.

Wellington Marathon
For people intending to compete in the Wellington marathon event we will be able to use a WMC discount. Once we have the details we will let clinic members know.
Individuals will be approached about helping, but wider volunteer assistance is not required this year. If people really wish to volunteer please let me know.

Tight Calf Posterior Compartment Syndrome
Another instalment in our biomechanics series.
This gets a tad technical, so you might want to review the preceding biomemchanics articles (links included in the following article).
Stay in there, ’cause its gonna be worthwhile.
Tight Calf Posterior Compartment Syndome

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