January Newsletter

Committee Update
At the January Committee meeting we welcomed Nazir Awan and Persephone Georgiakakis, volunteers from the AGM – thanks for joining the Committee. The AGM voted Mike Candy as president, Wim Van Dijk as Vice President, Lynda Young as Secretary, David McCrone as Treasurer and Committee members Judith Dennis (who will look after training/technical advice), Nazir (calendar/events) and Persephone (shopping). Persephone, Judith and Wim will take a special interest in membership and promotion of WMC – please support them.

Following on from the AGM we discussed a policy for WMC charitable donations and will continue this next month.

As in previous years the Subs for 2018 were set at the AGM at $50, reduced to $35 for gold card holders, beneficiaries, students and those aged under 19. The prompt payment discount is now $10 when a sub is paid by 28 February 2018.

The Shoe Clinic has generously donated new T shirts that we have had printed to publicise WMC. They will be available on Sunday 4 February and thereafter until they run out (feeble pun….). We hope that the variety of sizes and colours will enable everyone to have a new t shirt, but it’s certainly first in best dressed from 4 February. Thanks to Shoe Clinic for the colourful new gear.

Our Open Day will be on Sunday 11 February – everyone is actively encouraged to bring along a prospective new member and to publicise WMC by wearing your new T shirt. As well as supporting the Clinic we need to boost our membership so that there are the numbers to have more packs at varying paces. So please try hard on this one – every WMC member is on the membership committee.

Any suggestions for the Committee can be sent through the website – our next meeting is on 19 February.

Kind regards, Lynda Young


Round the Bays 2018
The Round the Bays Half Marathon, 10K and 6.5K events are coming up on the 18 Feb 2018. Check out Wim’s training program for the half and his progress. Wim will be conducting a time trial starting from the Wind Needle 8:30am this Sunday, around the peninsula. Everyone is welcome.


Running Overdose
Check out Wim’s article on Running Overdose. How running affects your health. Is there such a thing as running to much?


Foot Anatomy
And continuing on our Biomechanics series let’s look at the Anatomy of the Foot.


Unfortunately I don’t have a Member Profile for you this month.

I still believe this is an important part of our newsletter. It’s a chance to get to know a little a bit about other members outside of your usual running or walking pack. A chance to understand someone else’s perspective of running and walking and how it fits in their life.

Here’s the Member Profile Template. You can stay on script or go free form. I will continue to shoulder tap members, but I would much prefer you to be proactive and come to me.

If you find an aversion to putting pen to paper, then I would be quite happy to interview you and write the article on your behalf.

I was hoping to bring to you another Biomechanics article on “Pullers and Pushers”, but I’ve run out of time. No, we are not talking about drug dealing. So are you a Puller or a Pusher? You’ll have to tune in next month to find out what that means.

See you all this Sunday, and for those interested, don’t forget Wim’s time trial.

And good luck to Graham Sampson (and other members?) running the Jumbo Holdsworth this Saturday.


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