July 2018 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Upcoming Events

WMC Dinner
For your tasting predilection, WMC Productions is delighted to offer you a night of sumptuous gastronomy, great company and conversation at the Oikos Helenic Restaurant, 382 Broadway, Miramar. Sign up.

Butterfly Creek
WMC Bus Trip to Butterfly Creek, Eastbourne. More details to be provided.

Rimutaka Rail Trail
WMC Bus Trip to the Rimutaka Rail Trail. More details to be provided.

Pak’nSave Whanganui 3 Bridges Marathon
Visit Whanganui and run/walk along the picturesque riverside course.
Wanganui Harrier Club hosts this event for the 14th year. Early Bird prize draw available. whanganuithreebridges.co.nz

AGM/ Turkey Trot
WMC AGM and Turkey Trot. More details to be provided.

WMC Committee Update
Let’s first hear from Wim on behalf of the WMC Committee…

It was fantastic to see so many WMC people putting in long days at the Wellington Marathon. For example, I know that our president was among the first to arrive at the Stadium on the 1st and definitely the last person to leave (shot Mike!). In addition to helping out the running community, the Clinic should get a welcome donation from the event.

Last Sunday we managed to avoid the showers and the wind out at the Rimutaka Forest Park. A really nice part of the country to wander round in. Two rugged mountain men (let’s call them B and G), decided the main trails were a bit tame and explored some of the more gnarly trails – epic!. Thanks Nazir for arranging the bus.

Hi a photo of the walking group during our walk on Sunday at Catchpool. Regards Bruce Campbell


From the July Committee meeting :

  • We hope everybody knows about the Club dinner at Oikos on 4 August. You can find the signup form in the members area on the web site or just click WMC club dinner 2018
  • the committee was asked to canvas opinion on winter starting times. We hope members won’t mind spending about a minute answering the questions at start-time-during-winter-months That form is also in the members area on the web site.
  • We accepted David McCrone’s resignation from the Committee with regret, thanking David for his work as Treasurer and wishing him well for better health
  • made arrangements to cover the Treasurer’s role until the AGM
  • Looked at storing our archives with WCC – both paper, electronic and photos
  • Continued discussion on a donations proposal for the AGM
  • Looked into alternative meeting sites and starting times, as requested by a member
  • We are planning a run & walk in October around the Polhill area to remember Andy McNeill


Why Strength Train? From Judith Dennis
According to running coach Jason Fitzgerald, founder of Strength Running, there are three good reasons to add strength training to your repertoire:
1. Strengthening muscles and connective tissue aids in preventing injury.
2. It improves neuromuscular co-ordination, enabling an increase in speed.
3. It improves running economy – you are better co-ordinated and your stride becomes more efficient.

You don’t need to work out at a gym. (I love it, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea) – there are plenty of ‘bodyweight’ exercises you can do: pushups, lunges, planks, for example. And you can use outdoor ‘props’ such as park benches and playground equipment for tricep dips and inverted rows. Cycling and swimming also help.

Try to focus on a different body segment each time you work out. One day you may focus on the lower body – eg calf raises, clams, side leg raises. Then another day focus on your core: planks, glute bridges. Finally, it’s easy to forget the upper body – but we use our arms to drive our running, and also strong upper body is a big help at the end of the weekly long run, helping to keep good form. Try to perfect the push-up! It’s OK to do them from your knees, but if that’s too hard for starters, you can start with the movement against a wall, then graduate to hands on a bench, before getting to the floor.

I’ve distilled this article from www.runnersworldonline.com.au, article added June 12 2018.

Stupid, stupid, stupid… Stupidity itself!
How long have I been doing this job?

It’s the 2018 Wellington Marathon.
I’m an event official out on the Westpac Stadium concourse in front of the finish line.

To the left, to the left
To the left, to the left
To the left, to the left
Everyone in the half in the lane to the left
: : :
(lyrics to be sung to the music of “Irreplaceable” – Beyonce)
: : :
You must not know ’bout me
You must not know ’bout me
I can have another you by tomorrow
So don’t you ever for a second get
To thinking you’re irreplaceable

Directing runners and walkers into the correct lane. Contestants get to see their event time on the large clocks positioned above each lane as they approach the finish line. Photographers can focus on a specific event.

It’s raining and windy.
I’m in my wet weather gear from head to toe. And yet the wind has driven the rain through my showerproof over-trousers. So I’m soaked to the core.
It always amazes me how supporters on the sideline, some without any protection from the elements, are out there waiting for and supporting their participating family and friends.

“Half marathoner, to the right”
Hand gestures like a traffic warden, all that’s missing are the white gloves.
“Ten K, to the left”
“Marathoner, straight down the middle”

I’ve been doing this same job for a number of years now. From the first finisher to late into the tail.

As I move back and forwards along the length of the concourse, the further away I get from the finish line, and the closer I get to the on ramp and the right turn onto the concourse, the more questions are asked…

“What do you mean?”
Shrugged shoulders.
“I can’t see!!” a rain-speckled spectacle wearing runner cried, without slowing pace.

An onlooker makes his way past the cones and barricade bars, out into the middle of the concourse and taps me on the shoulder.
He gently reminds me with a few words in my right ear…

“It’s your right but their left!”

The penny drops.
Of course it is!
I am facing them with my back to the finish line.
Stupid, stupid, stupid… Stupidity itself!

I thanked the gentleman for his observation, and adjust my calls.

“Half marathoner, to the left, to the left.”

No wonder some runners had a perplexed look on their face.
I would like to apologies if I cause any confusion to contestants at the finish in past events.

Now I just need to remember this for next year. Unless of course I am replaced 🙁

Next Time
Sorry, no biomechanics articles this month.
I’ve got more investigation to do for the next article.
Hope to see you on a Sunday at the ASB Centre,

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