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Training tips with Judith – August 2018

Be Strong

In recent months I’ve included information and suggestions on strength training, which primarily emphasises muscle strength. But we are increasingly becoming aware that we also need to work on the connective tissue, including tendons and fascia.

Here is a link to a Runners’ World article on using Resistance Bands for this work: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/resistance-band-routines/

This could be a fun workout – exercises have names such as ‘Monster Walk’, although the mood is spoilt with another being titled ‘Ankle Dorsiflexion’!

If anyone wants to borrow a resistance band to try these out, let me know (judith.dennis@xtra.co.nz) – I have a couple. But I’ll need them back, because I use them with my groups!

Do you like games?

The New Zealand Masters Games will be held in Whanganui in February, and registrations are now open. I went to this year’s version in Dunedin, and I’m hooked! I’ve already entered the 10k and half marathon for 2019! There is also a 5k event, and all three have a walk equivalent. And the entry fees are ridiculously reasonable… well done them!

Here’s a link to the site: https://www.nzmg.com/  Have a browse – you may even want to try something completely different…. cricket anyone?

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