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Member Profile – Angelia Beamsley

What do you do when you are not running(walking)?

I’m thinking of running, or watching others run.  My other hobbies are eating and sleeping.

You are really into it!  What started you running?

When I was about 6 years old in the Bay of Plenty I tried to keep up with my Dad when he went running – didn’t manage that the first few times. 

I guess you eventually caught up to him.  Who else has influenced your running/walking the most?

Apart from my Dad?  Roland, Annie and Ann at the Clinic.  My partner also encourages me, for example he arranged for me to use a treadmill.

What other sports/ interests do you have?

Boxing & martial arts training (I don’t do the fighting), swimming.  I often do challenges with the team at my work, Freyburg Fitness Centre.

What do like most about running with WMC?

The social aspect, catching up with what others are doing.  It’s nice to plan and talk about upcoming events.

Speaking of events, what’s your next one?

Round-The-Bays half.  I want to see how my body copes after a hip injury.  It’s important to me to finish.

… any events in 2018 after that?

  • Waiterere half – for the experience
  • Christchurch full – aiming for a time
  • Wellington full – just for fun
  • Taupo 50km – never done an ultra before
  • Whanganui full – hopefully with some clinic women

Wow – a busy year! Do you have a favourite event that you’ve done?

I like them all, but I particularly remember doing my first 10km in 2014, Round-The-Bays.  That was a dedication to my father.

What is your most memorable route?

Start at the Rose Garden and go up the tracks to Mount Tinakori.  That’s where I gave my partner a lesson in running.

The silly question: You are hosting your Dream Dinner Party for 4, who do you invite and what do you plan to do?

I’d have my partner, Mum and sister along.  We’d do lots of dancing, talking, laughing and singing!

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