My Favourite Run – Aubrey Rota

THIS is Aubrey

I joined the RNZAF in 1988 weighing about 70kg.
I began running in 1994 when I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and saw somebody who looked familiar but weighed 85kg.

This is not about what I weighed or dieting, but about the transformative effect that running had a my life.  My first marathon was at Rotorua in 1995 where I finished in 3 hours 39 minutes.  When I moved to Wellington in 2003 I started running with the marathon clinic and started to really improve my running through the strong friendships and people I met there.  The sense of satisfaction that I got from competing against my strongest opponent (myself) and improving kept me motivated.  In 2009 I entered the Mountains to Sea Marathon, starting on Mount Egmont and finishing in Waitara.  I had a pretty lofty goal for the day, but the 15 years of running behind me gave me confidence that I could achieve it.  So 2 hours 59 minutes and 46 seconds after the gun went off I crossed the finish line having met the goal I had set myself.
This marathon had become my most memorable run.

This story can be applied to any runner, it is about our own goals and the satisfaction we get from them not beating the person next to you.
I can still claim that nobody has ever run a marathon with an hour starting with a 1.
So I encourage anybody to aim for the stars.
Remember it’s bloody hard to soar like a Kereru when you are drunk on berries from the kowhai tree.

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