Wim Van Dijk
WMC Trophy Winners in 2017

in no particular order

Walker Trophy – Tony Oakshatt

Harry McDonald service trophy – Bruce and Janet Campbell

this is obviously rigged

Wim getting “most improved marathon – male”

…and he got the most improved half as well (what a show off)

Most improved Female Half – Susan Clare

Most impressive male marathon went to Edward Phillips

Angelia Beamsley improved her marathon the most in 2017

Jennifer Lane – fastest female half marathoner in Wellington Event

Susan Clare fastest first female marathon. Surely she can’t get any more trophies!

Yes she can! Susan Clare was the fastest female marathoner in the Wellington Event

Brain Hayes won the Andrew McNeill award for fastest male marathon in Wellington event

Couldn’t attend

  • Sean Bardsley – fastest male half marathon in Wellington Event
  • Alicia Bunge – fastest first half marathon

Thanks to:

  • Graeme Sampson for getting the engraving done
  • Judith Dennis for help present
  • Persephone Georgeiakis for taking photos

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