Wim Van Dijk
WMC Trophy Winners history so far

History up to and including 2017

Since WMC does not have a trophy cabinet, the history of who won what was only view-able on the trophies themselves.  I have looked at all of the trophies I could find, and made a spread-sheet of the winners.  That spread-sheet, the entire history, can be downloaded here.

Just for fun I’ve also analysed how often various people’s names are in the history.  That means another spread-sheet I’m afraid, but it’s much shorter.  You can see it here.  Some names crop up more than others, I’ll just show the names that occur 3 or more times – see if you recognise anyone (hint current members are underlined).

3 times
Brent R
Clare S
Goodall E
Idaczyk R
Johns B
Parle D
Rawles S
Rogers D
Shafi A
Sutherland M
Tyler A

4 times
Colouhoun D
Crosbie B
Hayes B
Leeman K

5 times
Anderson S
Bardsley S
Fletcher P
Meyers B

7 times
Morey A

12 times
Clarke G
McKay M

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