Training for Gold Coast Marathon 2018

Marathon training:

I’m planning on running the Gold Coast marathon on 1st July. This coincides with the Wellington Marathon, so if anyone is interested in a training program for that event, please feel free to use mine I’m following Wim’s example in sharing this – feel free to follow!

This plan (from Runners’ World, January 2017) specifies runs on only 4 days each week, which is ideal for older runners, beginners, and anyone a little worried about recurring injuries.

There are three rest days each week – but I’d recommend doing something active on at least two of them – whether that’s a gym class, a walk, a swim…. whatever you like. I also recommend some strength training, at least once a week – talk to me for ideas, or email me.

I may experiment with replacing a speed session with a spin class at the gym every fortnight. I may also look at replacing an easy run with aqua-jogging. I’ll report on how that goes!

I’m looking at a 5 hour marathon, but the plan can be adapted to faster efforts – the speeds recommended are based on your individual 5km and 10km times, so your speed work will be faster than mine!

Please talk to me one so we can compare notes!

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